WEIRDEST Superstars In WWE Games EVER #shorts -

WEIRDEST Superstars In WWE Games EVER #shorts

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This video showcases some of the most weird and strange names that have been added to the WWE video games roster in the games history. This includes both modern games as well as classic entries.

Longer version:

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  1. Aw Head was the absolute weirdest ! Cuz it had legs and hands too but no body 😂😂

  2. Okay Swampfather and Demon King are absolutLY ASSKICKING lookin

  3. I liked them zombie characters they were cool

  4. Are we gonna forget about Kernal sanders? In wwe 2k18

  5. Some are weird but some are pretty cool

  6. Red and Green about to be the next big Tag Team

  7. So glad the Zombie obsession phase has passed

  8. Linda should be welcomed she had her
    Slaps with Steph and Vince… and I want to say she got stunned one time but I could be wrong about tht… and ho came out everytime godfather did

  9. All of those characters went unused on my console

  10. But now the weirdest The weirdest characters in 2K 23 in 2K 24 are
    Toy Cena
    Toy Cody toyhogan zero (it’s because zero is a video game character from up up down down) and captain from my rise
    Even though I know she’s a creative character, but her story is weird I mean a tall lady Steppenwolf look like Groot, and she has the power to levitate and can do telekinesis
    Hey, you forgot Samoa Joe with a robotic arm, and Brooklyn von Braun with a robotic arm
    From 2K20

  11. How dare you disrespect tony. Everyone loves Tony.

  12. Bad bunny , Logan Paul , and any other celebrity tbh

  13. Ribbie is a boyo don't EVER dissrpect that man again, or maybe your next ribb will be your last 😮

  14. I actually really like the originals, and I liked being able to unlock new weapons even more. They should bring back all the weapons from 2k20

  15. MGK built like a supermodel, how tf he made into WWE?

  16. Brother slow it down. Iknow it’s shorts but no need to blast through the list

  17. Why say weird. It's fun and one of the best things about video games is making and doing things you can't in real life

  18. Laheen lillard is Damian Lillard just say Damian Lillard

  19. celebties like mgk, damian lillard and fred durst don’t belong on the same list as robot and demon versions of wrestlers lmaoo celeb guest should get their own post

  20. Mgk was weird like the dude should’ve never been added to the rosters due to his past controversies

  21. Mgk is definitely the rarest they shut down the WWE 2k22 servers

  22. I thought I would experiment by trying one of these shorts. Let me know what you think! #TEAM101

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