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What Do Military Simulations Show About Taiwan?

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What would happen if Beijing ultimately decides to invade Taiwan? Would the island be able to withstand the attack by the People’s Republic of China? What role could the United States play? Would the U.S. military be able to withstand the Chinese onslaught? In this video we tell you all the details.

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  1. China don’t give two hoots about Taiwan. It’s just the 1st hoot. They want the ocean. We have it they want it… end of story. What this parrot is leaving out. Is the US is land locking China. They can’t go south. Can’t go north. Long way west…. East is the easiest way… still a no, but there was a window of weakness. Russia buttfunked that. New rules to battle now… same as the old ones just in a different arrangement. A massive force. What China power punch wants to be. Is now a weakness. Subs will rule the waters. Just like a grunt snaking up to the bunker he knows it’s just a matter of time until the sniper sees him. Two problems 100 dash to the bunker. 100+ mile dash mr chinamen got to do. Cover and concealment. Lowers the snipers odds. Open water don’t grow trees.

  2. We did the same thing to Japanese. They had China and more. It’s dumb to fight us in this fight. They not us have to island hop. They can’t cut us off. 🤷🏻‍♂️ they want to lose. We’ll show up.

  3. If you want to get a look at what really got everyone's attention, you need to look at the 1991 Gulf War {Better known as Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm}. All the nations watching believed that the US-led coalition would be badly beaten and lose. Instead, everyone was shocked at how fast it was over with and how disparaged the Iraq forces, troops, equipment, and government was compared to the original assessments. No country was quite as shocked as China, who compared what happened to Iraq to what would happen to China if war happened with the United States. Their own estimates showed China losing in about a month. Now everyone wonders "Did they learn the lessons from Desert Storm?" Russia didn't, nor did North Korea, Iran, many others. Sadly, neither did the United States.

  4. What would China do if they had our power? Taiwan would have been taken over a long time ago. Thank the evil Americans for protecting the little guy. Thank the evil Americans for making the Oceans safe for world trade.

  5. What is that thing hanging on the wall behind you, next to the flat screen? Looks like Xmas tree lights hanging out of it somehow.

  6. Ukraine has done great things with relatively simple, cheap drones. Surely Taiwan has far better drones; possibly in huge numbers. even the Turkish drones Ukraine has used could do two things for Taiwan: Turn landing craft inside out; and suck up large numbers of Chinese antiaircraft/antimissile defense. (And if China declines to use said defenses on the drones they'll pay for that choice.)

  7. If we had nuked China when they intervened in Korea we wouldn't be dealing with a belligerent dragon now.

  8. Propaganda? Is that a hint of "Miss Gap" theory? I do love to see the classics back in style

  9. Ya right biden ya we will help twain long as there is a big cheak involed .no kick back no way

  10. Never underestimate a soldier fighting for their homeland, way of life ,and their families

  11. You're ignoring the fact that Russia is on the brink of Civil War and a toppling of it entire system. You're leaving a ton of stuff out of your simulation. What about the Philippines and the new US bases that are going to be there? What about Philippines generally being allies to the United States? None of these countries(japan, south Korea etc.) are friends of China…
    Additionally, the US has a lot of friends the world over. China does not. I think that NATO would step in to help the United States should China try to attack. I think Ukrain has PROVEN the strength of NATO ties and friendships.. Again, I think you're leaving a lot out of your simulation..
    You're also leaving out the general shoddiness and Corruption within CCP.. I wouldn't be surprised if their ships sink.. they also have no actual history of Modern Warfare, and about a million other factors

  12. This could be more of a Visualpolitik topic, but a military confrontation by China towards Taiwan is less and less unlikely, but China could aim at Taiwan’s high energy imports vulnerabilities which is of today 98.5%. In this case the U.S. and Japan won’t be able to do anything since it’s not a direct attack, but a result of Taiwan’s own stupidity.
    Not sexy as war, but most likely possible.

  13. Taiwan, seriously, has no chance at winning anything. China has nukes. Taiwan, doesn't. All China has to do is point nuclear reactors at Taiwan, and Taiwan is theirs. The U.S. cannot and will do nothing.

  14. If China had any sense of clairvoyance let alone clear thinking they’d realize an invasion of Taiwan would mean the end of their export economy and possibly the end of the CCP. Whether they win or lose Taiwan their international trade would be over. This would be a catastrophe for all players involved but if China goes ahead the rest of the world would have to respond.

  15. Only The Great Beloved Leader Kim Jung Un can save us from the warmonger Dictator Joe Biden and his program of weapons of mass destruction! Perhaps we should offer him women for his pleasure squads? 💩

  16. TSMC is as good as a nuclear blanket. USA, Japan, Australia UK and probably all of NATO would be there to defend Taiwan.

  17. Chinese have to land troops, prepared positions for artillery and machine guns would make a landing impossible. Remember WW1 and WW2, emplacements can survive bombardments. The Chinese don’t have the ability to bombard the shoreline with enough projectiles to disrupt a hardened defense, it would be battle like Dieppe not Normandy. Artillery is the King of Battle and cheaper than missiles or bombs.

  18. Just take out the 3 gorges dam. Go look up the deviation it would cause.

  19. If the US lets Taiwan lose to China. then one day they will take over our country when they own 1/2 land of the world.

  20. One thing I didn't see in the video was the extreme difficulty China would have in landing forces on Taiwan; as I understand it there are only a parts of the coast where an amphibious assault could be started. And such an assault would be far, far more complicated for China than Russia's simply moving in over land.

  21. Kudos to you guys including recent Chinese history in this discussion as a backdrop. Just to think a disturbed uneducated egomaniac could cause so much suffering to so many people is quite alarming. Taiwan is an advance democracy that flourishes despite its geographical disadvantage, I hope peace will stay and they can enjoy lives in a free society.

  22. Taiwan is not China. In Taiwan, we elect our own President, have our own passport / currency and military. China CCP brainwashed its people that Taiwan belong to China but didn't dare to mention the land China has lost to Russia. "China lost the region now known as Outer Manchuria (an area of more than 1 million km2) and access to the Sea of Japan." (Ref. Outer Manchuria – Wikipedia)

  23. The US and Japan wouldn't be alone in defending Taiwan. Fortunately for Taiwan and unfortunately for China, Taiwan is critically important for the economy of every single developed country worldwide. Should China attack Taiwan, the pressure on the governments of all developed countries to get involved would be huge. China might have come a long way, but not long enough to take on the entire world.

    In case China doesn't invade Taiwan in the next maybe ten years, at most, more likely just five, it will have missed its window of opportunity. The world has woken up to the threat that economic dependence on China represents, China's ally Russia will soon be nothing more than a big dumpster, and will stay that way for decades. China's economy already suffers, and its population shrinks and ages faster than that of Europe. Xi is systematically destroying China's economy by reverting all reforms that Deng started, many decades ago. As time passes China will be in less and less of a position to invade Taiwan.

    Also, China's economy already suffers from Western companies moving production out of China, into neighboring countries, some of it also back home, and its population ages and shrinks. Right now, China simply cannot afford to attack Taiwan. Its internal problems don't allow it.

  24. The United States will benefit from the outbreak of war between China and Taiwan. Taiwan and China attack each other and destroy industries and infrastructure, requiring long-term rehabilitation. The United States is not damaged at all.

  25. China will use "last resort weapons" to reign in Taiwan. They will use nukes against Taiwan soon

  26. If it is not because that China fought against the US in Korean War, which irritated US, and so US decided to protect then Corrupted Taiwan regime, Taiwanese won't have Today's democracy and survive to this day.

  27. I just had a question, why the US will send their forces to Taiwan if the war does break out?

  28. Does a territory, with its own government which has never been controlled or conquered by the claimants need to “declare independence”? Independence from what and whom exactly? By all logic it just seems like PRC just throwing a tantrum on a territory which was never theirs.

    Or just seems like a jealous stalker who is harassing them, when they keep sending signs “I’m just not that into you” 😂

  29. I look forward to the American Civil War, when will Texas be independent, when will Alaska be independent? ? Isn't the United States the warmonger who loves war the most in the world?

  30. It would only take 2 submarines to sink the landing craft. The US has submarines, Taiwan has submarines. Who's to say which one did it??

  31. @5:13 No country will "be involved in" the conflict. Surrounding countries will have to decide whether they "will enter into the conflict".
    China is not naive. It will leave the hard decisions to others while focusing its actions on Taiwan (at least for the first hours and days).

  32. will china have the money for it? the economic indicators dont look good. demographics also is a major issue.

  33. None of these simulations seem to consider the possibility of the USA doing a checkmate move at the outset or just before hostilities commence and that is to provide Taiwan with dozens of intermediate range nuclear missiles. That would immediately make any attempt by China to use a military solution to be as destructive to China as it would be to Taiwan. MAD worked between the USA and Russia for nearly 50 years in preventing open conflict. It would be the only thing that could short-circuit any looming military conquest of Taiwan. Japan has already taken preliminary steps, including altering of agreements with the USA regarding nuclear armament of Japan should China or North Korea attack Japan. Nuclear armament of Taiwan is the only scenario that could guarantee China not attacking them and if China were to do so, it would utterly destroy China's ambitions as a world power for a century as Taiwan could wipe out over 90% of China's economic output in a matter of hours.

  34. I remember the the days I went to the US swimming pool in Lin-Kou, Taiwan. 国军威武,反攻大陆。

  35. BS experts on China have always been wrong on China's economy, technical, political and military development because of US and Western racist and highly bias views.

  36. USA is 10000 miles away from Taiwan, China is only 50 mile away from Taiwan.

  37. What would happen? Anyone remember what happened in Afganistan after 20 years of wasted lives and billions of dollars?

  38. 台湾就是太把自己当棵葱了。 says:

    Ukraine is grateful to the United States for sending us to the battlefield. We in Ukraine are now very happy

  39. Not going to happen. It would wreck the global economy for a decade and cost 4 trillion. And to what end?

  40. If China arms,trains and encourage Hawaii to fight America, how will America feel? 🤔 America officially recognises Taiwan as part of China but at the same time arms them to fight China!!!😱 Furthermore what is the position of the American people in all of this??? Endless questions with little answers. PEACE TO ALL✌️

  41. Id let the PLA take ground and then isolate them in a kill circle.

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