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What Happens if #China Invades #Taiwan? #wargames #ccp #xijinping #shorts

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TAIPEI, Taiwan – China represents the world’s number one challenge of the 21st century. That warning comes from the head of America’s Office of Naval Intelligence as the Communist nation builds its military might across the Pacific.

The tiny island of Taiwan finds itself in Beijing’s crosshairs with continued signs of a possible Chinese invasion. In August, the Chinese military sent a loud wakeup call to the United States and allies in the region with a massive, unprecedented drill simulating a blockade of Taiwan.

“It crossed multi thresholds, and that hasn’t happened in decades,” Dr. Alexander Huang of Tamkang University told CBN News from his office in Taiwan’s capital city

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  1. The only threat that Taiwan poses to China is that Taiwan is showing that it is possible for a large number of people of Chinese ethnicity to have good lives and material success without their being ruled by the Chinese Communist Party, which drives the CCP absolutely nuts.

  2. A wake up call, seriously??! This scenario has been at the forefront for years now. American losses at 3000 is minor compared to any of the island battles during WW2. Especially if you're full has a population over 1 billion people! 榮耀歸於台灣,榮耀歸於美國,榮耀歸於自由

  3. I wonder how many war games simulations Russia played with Ukraine

  4. Just a naval blockade of Taiwan for weeks would make Taiwan surrender. Moreover, more than 30% of the population are pro Chinese. It's just a matter of time for China. Once a pro Chinese wins election everything is over.

  5. Chinas a paper tiger, only thing they have over the USA is manpower numbers which don’t matter when the United States air power and Navy dwarfs the CCP in size and effectiveness

  6. Brandon would be more than happy to sacrrfice 3000 troops for Ukraine but there is zero chance that he would sacrafice his grift by opposing China.

  7. You know they said the same thing about Russia In Ukraine so we really can’t be sure here

  8. China is in for a wake- up call. F-Around and see what happens.

  9. Give every Taiwanese a machine gun 5000 rounds of ammo and basic training China would face 23 million.


    Hilarious we’re really worried ! Lol

  11. 3,000 soldiers how many American GIs lost their lives in Omaha beach.

  12. If they do they will bend at the knees like others did in ww2. People don't really understand the strength of the United States. And how corrupt and disturbing our secret people are. They did 911 just to gain another war to feed the military industrial complex what would they do to someone who actually killed 3000 of us. I mean seriously you can say whatever you want United States will go anywhere they aren't scared to invade jungles, deserts, mountains and everywhere else.


  14. 3000 American lives will be lost in the first 2 minutes

  15. The US is the illustration of the opposite of the panchsheel agreement.

  16. Christ is returning soon for His Bride in the clouds. We will return with Him in 7 years , after the devastating Tribulation Judgements.

  17. Taiwan needs to have nuclear weapons to defend themselves against communist Chinese piglets.

  18. Even without the intervention of another country, Taiwan’s defense would take a heavy toll and offer little benefit in the long run to China.
    Taiwan’s military is pure defense oriented using the island’s geography for the maximum in strategic and tactical warfare. Also, the ultimate prizes in Taiwan are the advanced microcircuitry production facilities, the research and academia facilities, and the highly educated individuals involved with them. All of these would be destroyed with an invasion, plus the loss of thousands of armored vehicles, hundreds of fighter aircraft, dozens of warships and incalculable soldiers. It would set China back decades ago n rebuilding its military as well as Taiwan.

  19. If china does that and America is involved. China needs to be prepared for war on their home land, and China also needs to grasp the thought of blockades like Russia

  20. China a wet pink retarded paper panda no heart yes has the man power and equipment but not warriors no heart or soul for war

  21. I would knock out satlites emp on major cities and military installation and hunt for all sleeper cells in the US

  22. I can promise you them boy ain't scaring our boys one bit😂

  23. Republicans “we’re wasting money in Ukraine”

  24. Man, if they were really “the People’s Liberation Army” they wouldn’t be under control of the CCP.

  25. Random simulator "3,000 US casualties is what it looks like sir"

    US military "you know we're just sending equipment right?"

  26. Lmfao yeah ok China would last a few hours against the US and our Allie’s

  27. It will be suicidal for the communists to risk the invasion cost of money and lives of Chinese military which will collapse the economy of china.

  28. US saves China from Japan in WW2 and this is how they thank us?! Too bad communists aren't allowed to learn their history when it's not favorable to those in power. This is the ultimate "biting the hand that feeds you" moment. Will never work out for the entitled child

  29. The USA needs to send 100 billion dollars in defense aid and 80 billion in military equipment, just like Afghanistan and Ukraine!!! From Texas 🤠🥳

  30. the problem is that the think-tank did not factor in the North Korean and Russian alliances. That is a very big factor.

  31. Who said China would act alone without backup? They're making alliances through BRICS alone, not to mention all the countries they've been loaning money to. If anything, I think their real plan is to hurt the USD financially with the new currency BRICS is putting out this year.

  32. How sad that a lot will lost their lives because of just a stubborn rouge province of china. ( its not a sovereign country thats a fact. )

  33. Yeah, and Russia was supposed to overrun Ukraine in three days. One year later Russia is nowhere near victory.

  34. er just need to send colonel sanders and the whole chinese army will swap teams.

  35. I hope it turns out that they're as inept as Russia has proven.

  36. The Americans would destroy chinas military. They are the warlords of the world. They’ve been fighting wars and battles for a long time. China? No exposure to war in 50years on any scale.

  37. Anyone remember when they did war games for Desert Storm and the higher ups ignored the call outs from those below them that they were being too optimistic and biased in the outcomes and strategy of bluefor? (If it was something else please correct me.)

  38. Wow this needs to happen we need to see how strong chinamen are yes i agree this has to happen sooner.

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