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What is Russia Successfully Invaded Ukraine | Mapped War Scenario

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What is Russia Successfully Invaded Ukraine | Mapped War Scenario

A simulation of possible Russian plans to invade Ukraine.

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  1. Fun fact ukraine was surrending at the first month of the russian special operation. Ukraine sayd to russia withraw their troops near kyiev russian did that but then usa wanted got involved and sayd to ukraine to continue and force them to continue

  2. Wow, it looks a lot like the video I created

  3. Hungary is getting kicked from NATO with this one🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Is posibile to be Hungary kick out from NATO and Europe party

  5. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  6. But impossible NATO eu and usa would arrive there in few hours with eu tanks there usa planes in the sky and later carriers in the black sea

  7. 3 day operation if it was actually 3 days and not 3 years

  8. Video idea: what if ukraine successfully invaded Russia

  9. They are not trying to take over Ukraine. There is something that people do not understand; if Russia allows Ukraine to join NATO, Russian government knows that NATO will turn Ukraine into a nuclear facility and hit important regions like Moscow much more easily. If Ukraine had joined NATO, there would be no peace. It is obvious that Russia would be at great risk. Why would NATO want a swamp region that does nothing but harm in the economy? Why would they put a puppet president like Zlienski in power?

  10. Writing this out of anger. Since the war started i supported peace and that means no war, i was wishing that ukrainians continue their lives as prior to the war, and everything else that comes with it. I recently met a girl online that is from ukraine, out of boredom we talked and started catching feelings for one another where i made the first step and she was actually really happy… she had the same feeling. Up until we talked about her moving to my country because there is war, i had empathy and after that i offered to send her money for a ticket whereas after i sent it, which was ROUGHLY 100€, i ended up being blocked and the whole thing was going on between us for 2.5 months.. i hope ukraine gets what it deserves, go on russia.

  11. Theoretically, this would have been the case if NATO had not helped Ukraine, and if Belarus had joined the Russian Federation and there had been good relations with Hungary (IF I WROTE SOMETHING BADLY, I AM RUSSIAN AND I AM WRITING FROM A TRANSLATOR)

  12. Gen Z attention soil be like (concepts can't be summed up in 15 second TikToks) 😭

  13. Ти дибіл слава Україні Крим Донбас Захід Схід Закарпаття це Україна!

  14. What about Romania claiming Bessarabia like Hungary took some of Ukraine

  15. Сны бункерного карлика при температуре 39°

  16. "I think i recognize those Hungary borders" 👴

  17. Slovakia : Hey Hungary that's my territory!

  18. Облом под Киевом ну а теперь это окопная война без блиц крига и наступлений

  19. Broo Age of History 2 sounds Like

  20. Мечтай, а в реальности война будет ещё минимум 10 лет

  21. Hangary is having ww2 flashbacks

  22. Молдавию тоже зацепим?

  23. This will Never Happen, Stop Dreaming Vatniks.

  24. President Putin in your dreams:

  25. Ukraine: on the brink of collapse
    Moldova: I think I'll have what he's having

  26. Начнём с того, что был Турецкий договор, разве вы не забыли? Война могла быстро закончится. Наши были на подходе к Киеву, но был заключен турецкий договор, в результате которого Украина должна была добровольно отдать Донецк с Луганском. А в итоге наши отошли от Киева, а Зеля забыл обо всём и ничего не отдал. Но Путин как обычно все ситуации обращает вспять, поэтому Донец с Луганском отвоевали, а вместе с ним ещё и чась Запорожья забрали. А подходы к Киеву все заминировали, поэтому дальше не пошли под мины наши, а идут в обход. Вот и вся математика!

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