What "Training" did for units in Rome Total War #totalwar #rometotalwar #rtw - nzwargamer.net

What “Training” did for units in Rome Total War #totalwar #rometotalwar #rtw

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Total War is an RTT game about men that stand in formation and fight as a team, as a “unit”. It stands to reason that men who are good at doing that would fight better, so earlier Total War games paid attention to this aspect and implemented it across many games with many systems. With nu-TW, it’s all faked with abstract numbers that are divorced from the original simulation. Much easier to make games that pretend to be games than to make actual games, so that’s been the past decade now.

Here’s a follow-up video on my second channel that goes into this in more detail:

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  1. Man I never even noticed this…. does the remaster have this feature?

  2. Meanwhile, in twwh2, I play carefully to protect my veteran units until I get them to rank 9, and what do I get? +9 to a few of their stats.

  3. It’s like they never knew what made their games good. And a combination of more suits coming in to try and squeeze more money out of everything by dumbing shit down to broaden their audience.

  4. Is this the official soundtrack playing?

  5. Yeah that was one of favorite details about the game more experienced the unit the better the formation

  6. I don't get the point of this video. What is it showing?

  7. But the funny part is in what it didn't affect – sales. Looking through the comments it seems like it took people 20 years to notice this mechanic. So good job on CA's part as a company that is supposed to make money and pay its employee to cutting of unnecessary features after they've learned that nobody appreciate them:D

  8. It lets you walk your units through allied units easily

  9. How CA, who make historical titles, fail to learn from their own history is hilarious. Does anyone there even have the will to do TW properly? Whether or not they have the talent these days is secondary.

    I vote for them giving up, handing over the source code and letting the modding community make their games for them, if they can't be arsed – they can flog fantasy crap all day and leave the real TW to those with the talent and passion to do it justice.

  10. The newer Total War titles completely scrap all of these smaller intricacies to create “cool monster battles” and new fans say stuff like “its the same game you guys are just being salty history nerds”

  11. The untrained will collapse sooner and skirmishers would have a hard time retreating through them

  12. They de-activated their AI! So highly trained! Highly trained should mean they are faster in forming formations and have high morale. Not…standing there not so menacingly. Also highly trained gauls lmao, what a joke

  13. Principes were so broken in campaign in both Rome tw's Jesus the training made them unstoppable early game and mid game

  14. Я в ром тотал вар играл с самого детства!!! Это отборные мечники варваров

  15. this is why i love rome total war, so much detail and care was put into them

  16. In total war Rome I limit every single one of my enemies to one settlement Brittania right now is on a small island think it’s like Ireland or something next to England

  17. Also known as unorganized vs disciplined (if I recall correctly)

    Rome also had the irregular units that didn't fit the traditional infantry category

  18. Watching gameplay of new total war games made me depressed.

  19. I wanna get lost in the rtw battle map distant terrain

  20. Tfw you have a shit ton of money and 20 years of experience but your games are worse and worse

  21. This was my first total war game, and it still has features I wish they would bring back

  22. Played this game for hundreds of hours never noticed that haha, nearly 20 years later still surprises me

  23. I remember medieval 2 unit appearances changed with rank as well

  24. Trained units and those chevrons made a HUGE difference. I miss the old ways

  25. Wow, it’s the little things that make these games fun to play

  26. i loved the old TW games. the new ones arent indepth anymore, just have some cannonfodder and roflstomp everything with magic.

  27. I think this is similar in Shogun2, but they just the tool tip just says "resistance to morale shocks"

  28. man i wish more of the older titles had proper campaign coop

  29. Between the Dacians and the Thracians, the Thracians must be the most interesting because of their mix between Thraco-Hellenic culture, warfare and units. And as a Romanian who believes in the Thraco-Roman theory, i really love it!🇷🇴❤🇬🇷

  30. I don’t know why CA hasn’t implemented the melee and collision systems they already had in RTW1 and M2TW.

  31. How the fuck did CA fell from Rome 1, Medieval 2 and Shogun 2 to utter fucking garbage after that.

  32. no wonder why they removed it. The "untrained" formation is unironically better than the "trained" one.

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