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What’s a Grognard? #wargames #dnd

Zee Bashew
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Why it’s the best word in wargaming and d&d fandom.

People use it to describe, and sometimes self identify as a sort of older, more grizzled, wargamer/roleplayer who has been in love with the hobby since the beginning


  1. Played my first game at 10 years old. My father played every weekend at the time and he took me along to an off-game. I played a half-orc barbarian who got downed in my first major combat encounter by the warchief of an orc tribe, and then later killed by a shocking grasp from a mage hiding behind a door. This was third edition. From then on I’ve been hooked on the game, like ADDICTED, I would play two or three nights a week if I could. Today I’m a (forever) DM for my own group, including my boyfriend (whom I MET via as a player invited by another friend) and our group has been together for some 5 years now. Hopefully we’re together for a good 25 more. It’s always fascinating to learn more about the hobby I picked up from my dad as a little boy and hope to get my kids into one day, if I ever have them.

  2. I love coming back to this video. It's so strangely inspiring and emotional. You're an extraordinary video maker, and this is in the top tear of your wonderful content.

  3. Given 5th Edition is going out, and 'One D&D' is coming in the next year, prepare for a whole new generation of Grognards

  4. I always heard Grognard not being used to mean old complainer, but to use someone who was generally an undesirable, a "That Guy" someone obsessed with power or who didn't want people in the group. I think from where I learned it the impression of Grognard was… Grog the alcohol and nard, as in balls.

  5. As a 46 year old, i try to not be a old man about gamers today. It is such a wide, wild world now. I love it. But i think the kids need to respect there elders. (I say. Shaking my fist from my lazy boy chair.)lol.

  6. I know that Zee is talented, but his music choices in this video are amazing.

  7. sorry for probably being the billionth person. whats the music for the end credits? I checked the credits and teh description but didnt see anything listed

  8. Dear Zee..this was just incredibile.
    When It comes to "historical"/documentaristic videos regarding TTRPGs, the internet Is pretty l'hacking in well made stuff (Professor Dungeon Master/Coville and only a couple more come to mind)
    Hope to see more videos similar to it

  9. "I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was. Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary. It’ll happen to you!"

    When 6e drops this year, we're all gonna be one step closer.

  10. How the hell does french turn grog-nard into Gon-yard, were is the R or N, or second G

    Edit: spelling

  11. Jon Peterson's books "Playing at the World," "The Elusive Shift" and "Game Wizards" are all great resources for RPG and wargaming history.

  12. I salute all the grognards that helped lay the foundations for our ttrpgs. May creativity and collective storytelling prosper evermore.

  13. Actually a really sweet and nice video! Reminds me of some of the old guys I'd see when hanging out at the game store with my dad as a kid when he was playing a game. He got into wargaming in the New England area in the 70s and still paints and plays to this day (He loves Napoleonics 😉 ), definitely an influence on me getting into history and painting and rolling dice myself! Gotta have respect to those that came before

  14. As someone from the twin cities, I'm honored to have such a wonderful RPG history

  15. Know whats weird the french word for hello is I give up in every other language

  16. I can't help but wonder how Strategos/Strategos N (the stuff you were talking about in the video) how closely related a board game called Stratego is related to them. (it's a fairly simple strategy turn based board game where the goal is to have one of your pieces find the enemy's flag.)

  17. "They took Strategos and cretaed Strategos N to play the Napoleonic wars instead of the US civil war"

    So basically they reinvented Kriegsspiel?

  18. I just realized that at 4:39, Larry has a conspiracy board for the dice ghost he saw outside! He's still trying to figure it out!

  19. These people sound as bad as Republicans. Ew.

  20. "I used to be with it, but then they changed what 'it' was. Now what I'm with isn't "it", and the new " it" is weird and scary to me. And it'll happen to you…"

  21. Not old enough to be a proper grognard but ghat damn do I get 0:35. 😂

  22. this basically amounts to a Fudd in the gun community…

  23. Zee Bashew: Ensuring the term "Grognard" stays relevant to the hobby for another generation. Even when faced with fictional spiders.

  24. I want the names of the aongs used in this! Anyone know?

  25. I feel the capstone feature for Fighter's should be "Grognard".
    Not simply an extra attack (they should get that at level 17); instead, a flat boost to everything that improves all their base Fighter abilities.

  26. I do like the clarification that although Grognard CAN Be used Derisively it doesn't NEED To be. I've played with shitty and great Grognards alike- Though, I will admit, the shitty grognards tend to leave a greater impact. Cough cough, One grognard I once played with who demanded we give EVERY Potion we found to him, and ragequit the campaign when our party's alchemist decided to keep one….To learn the formula

  27. History major here, been playing since 1991 so we have the sweet spot here:
    "Of dice and men" David M Ewalt
    "Slaying the Dragon "Ben Riggs
    "Designers and Dragons" -Cant remember
    First one is more on the business and has an actual interview with Lorene Williams. Second is an exhaustive history of the collapse of TSR and how Wizards saved it. Third is more of a general overview of all TTRPGs in the 70s and early 80s. All are fascinating I love the subject of TSR can't get enough of the history of RPG games.

  28. Omg I just realized George RR Martin's story "Under Siege" is basically a Grognard Campaign!

  29. I love rewatching this video. It’s fantastic and heartwarming.

  30. Now grognard means someone who is unhappy that the lore in a game is being changed in a hamfisted way to appease Amazon execs so they'll make a streaming adaptation.

  31. Got a little teary-eyed at the end there. What the hell dude.

  32. The truth is that the ancient Egyptians learned the art of role-playing from their alien "gods." 😆

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