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When Games Turn Into Movie Scenes #1

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Music from
0:00 Signal to Noise – Hampus Naeselius
2:31 Impulse – Hampus Naeselius
3:38 The Battle Of The Nile – Grant Newman
5:52 The Rodeo – Gary the Canary
6:27 The Sewers – Hampus Naeselius

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  1. the pain of watching these games, knowing i will never be able to play them because of my pc's capabilities, you can't imagine it

  2. When you and your squad start talking like you’re actual military special forces it’s a good time

  3. Years ago me and the boys were gaming on some war in the Pacific bfv shit, we were on a landing craft and was constantly getting shelled at. New players probs cuz they were aiming front. For them it was like trying to kill an ant with a pen, for us it felt like a god damn movie

  4. Battlefield five = 👌🏼👌🏼🗿🌲🗿🥶🥶🥶🌲🥶🥵🥵🥵

  5. One time i was playing Heroes And Generals and i was playing with the soviets against the germans, i was at a house sniping at the enemy but a german hit me with a shovel or something and the only thing i could do was acept my fate since i was lying down on the floor but then a dude shooted the german in the last second and saved my "life" but i could only see the bullets since he was on the other side of the room and i coulnt see him, it looked like a war game cutscene or a movie, it was pretty epic
    Another time i was playing enlisted and i was again playing as a soviet against the germans and i was hiding behind a tank in a bridge alone since all my time died for the enemy fire, and i was allready waiting for my time to be shooted, while i was playing polyusca polye was playing and i remember when the part of the chorus came, a huge wave of soviet soldiers appeared and i got courage to get out of the back of the tank and keep moving forward with the wave, it was also a pretty epic moment and it could be also in a movie or something

  6. The game is listed as “Grand Theft Auto 5”

  7. I did the same as he did on 5:24 once, but I used a submachine gun

  8. I remember when this channel used to make nice contents… Now they only make craps..

  9. That star citizen one was definitely a intro to a scifi

  10. 0:21 ah yes I remember the war movie where soldiers would suddenly appear right next to me

  11. First game that felt like a movie for me was playing killzone 2 campaign with no hud for the first time

  12. I wish he didn't look at 3:35 so we could've literally gotten the surprise Parker got from that tank

  13. Put some black bars on top and bottom of the game and it'll feel cinematic. 😀

  14. 2:38 what movie is that scene from? I remember it was about the end of the world

  15. The Batman one is my favorite one!

  16. Everyone: Talking about movie scenes
    Me: Thinking about the crazy graphics

  17. Whenever I play enlisted it always feels like a movie

  18. i would do 2 miss and 1 accurate on battlefield 5 to make it fun for enemy i used cannons

  19. I remember a video from spycakes where he and his friends played brick rigs zombie survival and they were shooting down a skyscraper while camodo was crossing, it fell as he was crossing, it was straight up something outa a James Bond film.

  20. Battlefield one is the best for movie clips

  21. Which clip reminds you of a movie you've watched?

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