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Which God of War Has The Best Blades of Chaos!? (In Depth Comparison)

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In today’s video i compare the blades of each game based on six categories
-Crowd Control
-Sound Effects
And i go heavily in depth so, hope you learn a thing or two OR if you know about all this, hope you enjoy the video 🙂

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:33 – Design
4:57 – Top 5 Design Wise
5:30 – Damage
11:36 – Top 5 Damage Wise
12:03 – Crowd Control
16:18 – Top 5 Crowd Control Wise
16:38 – Sound FX
18:37 – Speed
21:20 – Top 5 Speed Wise
21:48 – Moves
39:08 – Top 5 Moves Wise
41:14 – Category Winners
41:58 – Outro

You guys are the best! the channel’s growing! thank you!


  1. God of War Betrayal
    God of War Chains of Olympus
    God of War II
    God of War Ghost of Sparta
    God of War Ascension
    God of War III
    God of War 2018
    God Of War 2005
    God of War Ragnarök

  2. Not speaking on their combat effectiveness, but I love the GOW4 blades, specifically how they look when upgraded. Taking such a brutal looking weapon and making it into something elegant and beautiful fits so well with kratos’ character arc in the new games

  3. Though not mentioned by favorite have to be the Claws of Hades from GoW3. Summoning souls of monsters and ripping peoples souls from them adds extra help when fighting difficult bosses. Also, the sound effects when using them are top tier

  4. The God of War 4/5 design is so ass. Ascension should have been the final design.

  5. you ARE a sucker for gow 3, huh, didn't know that, that could explain ohko.

  6. fun fact: the GoW3 Athena Blades are at max level at the start of the game
    Max level Athenas aren't on the same level as max level Exiles

  7. The Blades of Chaos in Ascension looks best, i don't know why they ditched the design, it looks badass with all the glowing cracks and eyes on the handles, bigger size,etc… I have nothing against the new Norse looks but i just prefer it to look like a Greek weapon and different from the Leviathan Axe.

  8. Design: Blades of Athena (god power/blue).
    Damage: Blades of Exile.
    Crowd Control: Honestly idk lol.
    Sound Effects: Blades of Athena (but only when hitting the soldiers from Rhodes) and Exile for everything else.
    Speed: Blades of Athena.
    Moves: Blades of Exile

  9. I don’t like the blades of exile design ngl they not it

  10. Ascension Blades of Chaos will always be my favorite simply because of the sound design. they really made the blades sound the way they should when you slam them to the ground and the chains whipping and jingling around and the echo of the zeus lightning and Ares fire explosions are absolutely phenomenal

  11. You just missed the God of War Ragnarok blades, which I think looks pretty good

  12. All feel the same for me 😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😆 just same blade but different design and names

  13. Vegeta's theme music is a cherry on top

  14. God of War Ascension was the most unique imo

  15. the new gow ragnarok blades are just wrong. like blue blades??? ass also they put all those extra fucking ridges

  16. Gow 2018 took combat easy just beacause it had easyturn while shielded and the glitched moovement of all weapons and talis the op movement bare handed tali and the fact the you could glitvh your axe and blade together

  17. In GOW 3 I like the way the blades of athena look more. They have a more red flame effect when attacking and I like it more than the more realistic fire effect of the blades of exile

  18. 17:03 I have noticed 2 has a weird thing with sound at certain distances. Sound effects begin to dull out and sometimes even mute(there are cutscenes where Kratos is supposed to speak but you can't hear him because of the bug even though the camera is like 3 feet away from him)

  19. Aye, the SFX of Ascension has that oceanic wave feel to it that adds the oomph to the impact.

  20. I think it's up to preference but my favorite will always be Blade of Chaos purely because of the symbolization and meanings that it holds behind it. It's the blade that started it all, the blade that felled his family and ultimately, in an ironic double twist, is the one blade to help him the most and the one that betrays him the most. It may not be the best but it sure as hell packs a lot of meanings behind every swing

  21. Blades of Exile imo. Summoning Spartan army to form around Kratos was so badass

  22. 2:09 actually red blade looks great in level 4 not max in my opinion

  23. 22:32 actually you can fast that 3 triangle move by use any direction of r3 and then triangle this will be fast in god of war 1

  24. Didn't know I needed the Bruce falconer score for kratos videos but I love it

  25. To talk about design and not even mention how the blades look different when you compare gameplay vs official art vs menu model (GoW3)

  26. I have a question that nobody seems to be asking much less have an answer to: Why are the Blades not referred to as Blades of Exile in God of War 2018? The Blades Kratos has then couldn't have been the Blades of Chaos as those were forcefully taken from him at the end of GoW1, then given the Blades of Athena throughout Ghost of Sparta and 2, all the way up to the very beginning of 3. From that point on he was given the Blades of Exile, and even at the end when he's seemingly stripped the weapons he has then he clearly has the blades in his possession despite 'throwing them to the side'. By all counts Kratos should still have the Blades of 'Exile' on him even by the point of GoW 2018 especially when he says 'he tried to get rid of them but they came back'

  27. reali miss ascension…y no remastered version😭😭

  28. The Blades of Exile are 100% my absolute favorite blades in the entire series! The way they move, the way Kratos annihilates everything dumb enough to get in his way, and the designs are just top freaking notch!

    Also that part at [26:50]. Why does that kill me literally EVERY TIME?!

  29. Guys, guys, guys, clearly the best blades were the blades of Athena from Betrayal.

  30. Bro congratulations this video hit 500k views!

  31. your look comparison makes no sense. You're practically comparing graphics from a game made in 2005 to a game made in 2018. Reflections, fire effects etc don't make sense to compare. Should just purely be pattern and designs

  32. 4:44 in start of game blade have cracks but broke and sindri, design this cracks to beautiful north design

  33. You could’ve included gow 4 in damage by using the default armor

  34. Devine reckoning is the same thing that zues uses in atlast cut scene hahaha

  35. ascension blades look the best and can use the powers of the claws of hades (souls) by technically and could use powers from the leviathan axe (with the poseidon powers which are ice) and basically mjolnir as well with the zeus powers (lightning)
    they were badass as hell and i wish they kept those abilities AND that epic look or at least the shape in 2018 and Ragnarok

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