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Why does the U.S. Lose War Games?

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A quick overview of the training techniques behind the US losing war games against smaller nations.

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  1. Because we don't play… besides, our allies require morale in order to make it to the field and this is where we give it to them, I can only imagine the looks everyone has on their faces when having participated in a 'war game' and then going to real war and I would assume that is why our military is feared. We like to train from a disadvantage to make up for the capabilities of our equipment because there is no expectation that you will have superior equipment, so a 'basic loadout' is what you get for wargames (probably the best way to explain this to someone who doesn't get into the nuances of a topic) and only when we actually go to war to we 'unlock' all of the upgrades.

  2. 10:58 The only group to pass cheated? It really was like the Kobayashi Maru

  3. Id rather lose in a war game and know where we need to improve than lose in a war and not get a chance to improve

  4. It's loads better than having a painfully scripted Always Win No Lose wargames that China and Russia always do.

  5. Honestly, the reason why we fight with our hands behind our backs is because we have to train our troops to fight under the stupid rules of engagement they are given.

  6. No we fight polite politically correct and political war. We fight with one hand tied behind our backs. Our Generals & Admirals are woke clueless politicians. & ARE COWARDLY With no Guts. If we fought to win we would lose 5% of the time. Because if we actually fought the way we should be allowed to. Our losses would never be anything more than minimal

  7. Pausing @5:22 to say I watched your ENTIRE commercial just so you get credit for the extra work you put into it. Wanna get paid, EARN IT…..and you did good sir! Thanks and back to the show

  8. If Mike Tyson (in his prime) shows up and beats you into a coma neither one of you learn anything. He doesn't because he already knew he could beat you a$$. You don't learn anything because you already knew he could beat your A$$.

  9. War games, board games. I would join the military faster just because of this one thing.

  10. Knowing you’re in a target rich environment relieves the pressure of ROE

  11. To be fair, and I me be either improperly informed here, or not remember correctly, but I'm pretty sure the Royal Marines in the exercise were not claiming any sort of upset win either.

    Though I know that British forces will rotate to the States to take part in the same kind of "no win" exercises American units do where they will get their faces kicked in for the exact same reason American forces do it. For example, there are British units that will also do training rotations at Ft Johnson (formerly Ft Polk).

    Also, while I hear less about them, I'm pretty sure the French will also do the same "Drop everything, come immediately, and hit the enemy with everything you have for as long as it takes", as they did this when an American special forces unit was ambushed while hunting ISIS terrorists in Niger in 2017.

  12. You point out the northern alliance a lot 🤨 you mad bro?

  13. My dad served with the Royal Marines (joined just a little after the Falklands conflict), they were doing some man over board training with some Americans and one of the US guys was picked to go over board, anyway he complains “we use dummies for this”, my dad not being one to pass up an opportunity for a laugh replied “yeah so do we”. I think a lot of people take from these kind of things that Brits think they are in some way superior to the Americans, we don’t. Ask any British soldier or probably any NATO soldier, US soldiers are greatly respected as some of if not the best fighting force on the planet, taking the piss out of people is how Brits show respect so the daily telegraph trying to frame it like some big win and totally making things up is not representative of what the majority of Brits think.

    Oh also I’m not sure if it was actually 40 commandos I couldn’t say but where it says 40 Commando that’s referencing a unit, 3 Commando Brigade (the Royal Marines) is comprised of 29 Commando RA (Royal Artillery), 30 Commando IX (Information Exploitation) Group, 40 Commando, 42 Commando, 43 Commando (fleet protection), 45 Commando, 47 Commando (Raiding Group), 539 Raiding Squadron, Commando Engineers, Commando Logistics Regiment and Viking Squadron (as part of the logistics regiment). Note: A squadron is about a company sized force, 40,42,43 etc Commando are battalion sized forces.

  14. Can we just appriciate how badass "Zombie FOB" sounds:P?

  15. Can we all agree that, wargame or real war, you're not detecting a B-2 Spirit or F-22 Raptor until they obliterate you or open weapons bay doors? At which case you're quacked anyway. Long live the quack.

  16. My bad, commented before getting to the latter end of the video. F-22 is still dope, my bad for the pithy comment.

  17. Awesome video HLC, and an even better community in the comments!

  18. The Chinese were the last to try to overrun US Marines at Chosin Reservoir…Their 10 Divisions against 1…1 Marine Division….THE FIRST MARINE DIVISION….Didn't turn out so well for the CHICOMS…. Semper Fi my Doggie brother! Love your videos.

  19. I will say from personal experience, We Marines had training evolutions that were "harder" mentality and physically than actual combat…isn't that the point of training? Train like you fight, and when the time comes, you will fight like you trained!

  20. I served on a DDG and in ‘09 we did a seven month deployment which consisted mostly of war games with partner nations. We were the only U.S. warship in these scenarios and man, we smoked everybody when we were allowed to go all out. The French got super pissed and accused us of cheating, but the reality is none of them had Aegis. We took the L’s we needed to for the other units, but even handicapped like hell, a Burke class destroyer is a formidable weapon.

  21. this guy is the tipical american, dont have the concept of tatics just brute force, the commandos did pretty much everthing and gave vicotory to their platoon but this is too much for the aerican mind to comphreend imagine knowing where to strike when to strike and the best way to aporach. Theres 200 enemys? just send 800 soldiers there! AMURICA! HURAA!

  22. "Target-rich environment" is a mindset that is very American. These are things to kill and you can kill just about anywhere we please.

    Seabees are a case in which you might need to help out. "We Build; We Fight" means they go places that maybe Sailors shouldn't go. Or at least shouldn't go sober.

    Who am I kidding… a Sailor is never sober.

  23. While in the Navy we still trained on a sextant to navigate by the stars because what if the GPS satellites went down. What if?

  24. The Corp Just graduated the last for Harrier pilots.

  25. I have all vids on, never get one noti ever wtf

  26. Stress testing to find the breaking points?

  27. If USA says they have 250, they have 500. If russia says they have 500 they have 100.

  28. It’s better to train in the. Worst case scenario then all roses scenario you will learn more.

  29. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and take a guess before watching; you learn more by losing. You wanna kinda gently build up the allies you’re practicing with. You get to hide some of your best capabilities. Probably wrong, I was just an ADA repair tech. That other kinda stuff’s for the brainiacs. I just fixed em fast and good, and maintained em so I wasn’t always ‘fixing’ them. I was a NH/Patriot dude (enlisted as IHAWK repair, but they changed the 24G to 24Q (Herc repair) and voila. Got to work with the Raytheon smarties and old chiefs at Abernethy Park when they were just starting up Patriot. Patriot may end up like Grandpa Buff and the 50 cal…and we’ll use it in the first galactic war, along with quadruple improved IHAWK

  30. "Our FISTers…" he said. Hooah! I used to be a FIST — when the program was young back in 1979.

  31. I've repeatedly explained this far too many times. No one listens. So the chaos death suffering and loss continue. The US is confirmed to be the dumbest country on this god forsaken hell rock called earth.

  32. Just a heads up, British media (specially the tabloids) have some of the most insanely exaggerated headlines on basically any story. Like its all Jerry Springer level energy for some reason. I think its a combination of repressed emotions and very lose liable laws.

  33. Nobody shows all of their cards in the game.

  34. Victory through superior fire power.

  35. Great Value™ Moby is my favorite YouTuber 😁

  36. The US fused AEGIS with the Pac3 missile to kill a live target

  37. Having participated in 2 international war games as Force Recon, our commander asked my CO "Think we can?" Who asked us & we said 🤷‍♂️ F*ck I dunno, sure.
    They said "F*ck it, let's find out" and it was usually some crazy, incredulous sh*t we would never attempt in the field lol.
    For instance, sneaking BEL, securing an enemy transport & "papers" & driving right into the enemy FOB, planting "charges" on their supply & ammo dumps, com towers & as Marines the good old 'eff you' taking out the general officers quarters & personal LAV. Drove right out, "detonated" charges (red blinking lights) & went for beer 😂

  38. Other countries: Hurr Hurr! Why America so bad a war games?

    America: Because War isn't a game. que Doom music

  39. You don’t know me specifically but you know my unit-the opfor at ft Polk aka “f’ing geronimo”. I’m one of roughly 250 Geronimos that were the first to deploy from Americas first combat paratrooper battalion since WW2.

    Like what you’re doing, keep it up. We have mutual friends in the industry that have my contact info if you ever want to touch base.

    From my perspective you made the right call popping smoke despite how close you were to retirement. Keep up the good work. You are on to something.

  40. 7:50 shit just get blown out of proportion. Pun intended

  41. 7:08 did you ever get to work with us Kiwis or was it aussies only? Proud Kiwi supporter here love ya work.

  42. The Dod had a program where they purposely underperform in training exercises with other countries, to make them think they can compete with us and make them think they have to help us by giving up information and tech, because they need the us to win any war. They’d also spend less money on defense if they think they’re closer to the us then previously thought. They did this the UK a lot and is one of the reason the Uk is no longer able to defend itself, it makes it so we can make them do what we want in war we can 100% occupy them and their bases to fight our fight.

  43. If you're going to lose, better it be in a controlled environment where you can watch some tape and improve. That way when you face a similar situation for keeps, you'll know what NOT to do. Seeing as the US has never truly lost a war (Korea and Vietnam were more "time limit draw" than anything else), its worked out pretty well so far. If you can trust the US to do ONE thing right, it's deleting opposing forces with EXTREME prejudice.

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