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The Total War series is easily my favourite real time strategy game series of all time. And it seems many fans can agree on the best entires: Rome Total War, Medieval 2 Total War and Shogun 2 Total War. However my favourite in the series is a controversial pick, Empire Total War. Although musket and cannon warfare didn’t grab players the same way swords and sandles did, here’s why I believe Empire Total War is the Best Total War game.

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Editor’s Note:-
While preparing for this video, my game capture software – OBS Studio – suffered a number of technical problems and for the life of me I couldn’t actually capture any game footage for this video. I tried all the settings, but nothing seemed to work. While I would have liked to figure out the issue, I had a deadline to meet and so I decided to instead use other people’s gameplay footage for this video. This is somrthing I don’t ordinarily like doing and in my opinion does harm the quality of the finished video. Nevertheless it was necessary to get something out in time.

Therefore to give proper credit, additional gameplay footage courtesy of:-
Pixelated Studio
Vulcan Total War
Prince of Macedon
Benjamin Magnus Too
Seleucus the Victor
Dino Stan


  1. "Just one more turn" – how many times have I said that to myself!

  2. Don’t know why people don’t like this time period it’s so epic every battle is so critical in empirennapoleon ….:.the other TW games are also great but napoleons total war was jus a masterpiece

  3. My top 3 have always been Rome, Shogun 2 and Empire in that order. Always loved the time period (as someone who was raised on Sharpe and hornblower, first on the TV and then the books), and the scale felt like a nice introduction to games like the much-DLC bloated Crusader Kings and Victoria series.

  4. Medieval 2 or Attila are the best but empure is good too

  5. Empire Total War scale is great. I would love to see the whole campaign map with the addition of Africa, China, Oceania, S America.

  6. In my Great Britain playthrough, I just focused on economy, trade, and navy… I didn't expand my territory…. and I just kept my 13 colonies as protectorate… for 40 years

    the warfare is enjoyable because everyone is strong… but with a strong navy… once can just sell every enemy ship that surrendered until the only trading vessel existing is you.

  7. I love the different style of gameplay that this provided. My only gripe is the loading screen bug. I know it’s common and no other “fixes” has actually fixed the issue. I’m like 20 turns left in a long campaign, about to smash Russia who decided to pick a fight with me despite owning 2/3 of the map, and I can’t finish it because it crashes at the loading screen 😭.

  8. I’m curious: I’m familiar with how Empires campaign mechanics work (the more grand-strategy-style campaign mechanics are why empire is my favorite more than anything else), but is Napoleons campaign any similar?

  9. I wouldn't call it the best, for me it was a step backwards. The only good thing was being able to relive the days of the British Empire and kick everyone's asses

  10. Ok… you won me "it's 5 in the morning and you haven't moved for 12 hours'' hahahahah I love Total War!

  11. This game is my guilty pleasure. Big map, lots of fun units, naval battles. But it really did spell the end for total war with all that it took away and all the DLC it had

  12. Yeah, empire is my favorite. Mostly because I love the era of History. I can't understand people thinking that having swordsman just beat each other is somehow more interesting than maneuvering your columns and artillery around the field.

  13. Thank you very much for the information 😀

  14. Three kingdoms acclaimed? Like 90% of those who acclaim it are Chinese lol, it only appeals to some of the community

  15. Empire was my entry point to Total War and I still remember it fondly. Im still here waiting for a Remaster or Total War Empire 2. I wish Total War explored more battles during the 18th and 19th century a period where swords and gunpowder were used side by side.

  16. I've played world domination campaigns on shogun 2 and empire, and while I love the ai on shogun, and the fact naval can be used in seiges, empire is superior to me just because of the musket combat. Absolutely wild to me our ancestors poured out by the thousands and many watched others or ate musket balls and kept pouring powder. Thousands of men charging from the open field and hundreds of calvary waiting for just enough to get lost in the battle to not hear the hoof beat of death approaching. It's a perfect mix of modern and medieval

  17. 3k+ hours on this game and It will never run of fun

  18. You mention that musket era warfare was all about accuracy and numbers, but you forgot two other key aspects of warfare from the period- speed and coordination. In ancient combat, once units clashed it was usually a slugfest until one retreated or died. Musket battlefields were FAR more dynamic, with movement orders being far more impactful later into the battle. Constantly switching between column, line and square to try and minimize exposed bodies while maximizing firepower, changing the shape of your battle line to lure in enemy units and SWIFTLY crush them before reforming to focus fire elsewhere. If a commander did not have good organization and communication mid-battle it doesn't matter how accurate or numerically superior they were as we repeatedly saw by armies like Napoleon beating opponents of comparable equipment and far superior numbers. I would say unit coordination>accuracy. I mean, shoot a musket into a wall of 100 bodies and your chances of hitting one are pretty good even if you're a bad shot.

  19. I've never heard anyone criticizing Empire for its time period, it's a very interesting time period. People criticize it for its myriad of bugs, broken AI, and gameplay issues, and rightfully so. I remember being so excited for this game before release, before becoming very disappointed with it, which affects my opinion on it to this day, even if a lot of the bugs were fixed eventually. My personal biggest problem with the game is its map. While a lot of people these days say that it's the largest map of any Total War game, nothing can be further from the truth. Yes, it covers many parts of the globe, but what does it matter if each region only has a handful of provinces? For example, the entirety of European part of France is just one measly province, and yes, you technically have smaller towns and the like that are within that province, but what's keeping me from just going straight for their capital and immediately taking the whole of France in one battle? Now this wouldn't have been as much of a problem if the game was as modable as previous Total War games, but the engine they started using starting from Empire made map modding impossible, and that's my second largest issue with the game.

  20. The only problem of regular empire is the terrible AI wich is fixed with the Darth Mod. With Darth Mod the game is just perfect.

  21. The best wins on strategy and surprise level with my online games were definitely in empire. I gosh the memories ❤

  22. the game keeps crashing on me once I have too many regions. Does anyone have any ways to fix this

  23. Empire with Darthmod is amazing, just needs better AI and more regions

  24. Empire: Total War stands on my "almost" list. The list of the games that have amazing potential, but just fall short. Gameplay is my top priority for games, and sadly because of bugs, pathing, and some of the worst AI CA ever put out, it just doesn't cut it. That being said, if they were to create an Empire 2, it would be the first Total War game in years to get me slightly optimistic. Almost all the issues I had with Empire have been solved with Shogun 2, and other than the removal of naval combat after Rome 2 in later games, I think if they tried for it again they'd nail it on the head for me.

  25. Much prefer Napoleon personally. The scale makes for poor skin variety / not enough time to polish everything.

  26. Best way to describe TW Empire: Groundbraking vision, poor execution.
    Whoever designed the province borders needs to get fired (All of France one city? Really?).

  27. I’ve always loved musket warfare far more than melee. In high school I was talking to friends about total war and they always said that they preferred sword combat because it “required more skill and was more honourable” which I think are both also applicable to muskets. Just because you can easily teach someone to fire a gun doesn’t mean it required zero skill to do it properly.

  28. This video is vindicating on so many levels. Yeah some other games may be more polished, but when I play something like Napoleon I am disappointed because all I have to fight in is Europe. Meanwhile in Empire, I have the Americas, Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and India. Besides, there's so many mods out there that fix the majority of Empire's problems – like: Darthmod, Pirates Uber Alles, Imperial Splendor/Destroyer, and now the Empire Total War 2 mod.

  29. I like Empire and Napoleon more because at least I know what I’m doing and I can strategize easier

  30. When I played Rome and Medieval 2 I basically just went all out on warfare and my economy was “take a place to fund the army needed to take the next place”. So when I got to Empire I hit a brick wall because that just does not work. But now over a decade later I do really enjoy it because you have to be a lot more calculated and you need to spend time just building your economy to fund future wars, and going to war is a very expensive affair because of the loss in trade. I remember playing as Britain and it was just me and Russia left and I couldn’t go to war with them without going bankrupt without someone to trade with, so I had to wait like 30 turns just building stuff to be able to afford being the only power in the world.
    Just so different to the other games that came before. Oh and building a first rate and watching it obliterate a Brig is so fun

  31. There are some things I like better about Napoleon Total War….but Empire Total War remains the one that I have played the most, largely because of the enormous scope of the game and all the different factions. It makes for an almost endless number of possibilities. The nations I have most enjoyed managing are France, Spain, and Russia. Great Britain and Holland are great if you want to use a lot of naval strategy. The single campaign I like best is in Napoleon, the one starting in Europe in 1805, and ending with the capture of Moscow. A smart move for Napoleon is NOT to get tied down in Spain!!! Instead, leave the Spanish alone, keep them friendly, and they will remain as useful allies to the end. He made a very big mistake when he invaded Spain. It became a cancer that bled French strength and contributed greatly to his eventual defeat and exile. This can and probably should be avoided when playing the French in Napoleon Total War.

  32. I like Napoleon, I also download the NTW3 mod sooooo

  33. Empire total war 2 main campaign

    DLC War for India
    DLC Napoleonic Wars
    DLC American Civil War
    DLC Latin American war for independence
    DLC Great Nordic war
    DLC Black Flag
    DLC Barbary pirates
    DLC Holy Roman Empire
    DLC First Partition of Poland
    DLC 7 years war

    Just some ideas, but I'm sure there's a lot. I'd like to see something in Africa as well but it would require a lot more resources to make the complex continent I would imagine. All of Asia would be cool as well, but I forgot that would be just as complex and taxing on the system as Africa probably.

  34. Fall off the samurai is the best total war his only weak point compared to the others is the fact it is the small map scale and faction variety

  35. No its not the best. Could be with a lot of rework or another sequel. But Empire Total War its horrible, and the naval battle was a nice addition but dont save the game at all.Don't let nostalgia mess with facts.

  36. Me: sees title clicks on video Likes video doesn't watch video It is the best total war without question

  37. Empire isn't bad , its wasted potential. A show of ambition that could hold up

  38. Linear warfare is great because unlike melee total wars it actually has quite a lot of tactical skill and therefore has better multiplayer

  39. Musket warfare is essentially melee warfare at an extended range lol but with the option to bayonet charge for closer melee combat

  40. I have been playing empire for years without any mods even if the ai and some part of the game were generally mega dumb, cause the era, the scale, the beauty, the ships details etc, tried empire 2 in the last weeks and wow i ll prolly play it like forever.
    I wish we will end up with a entire world map total war and be able to play anywhere and with no bugs and failed ia.
    I kinda dream of a ww1ra total war too, noit sure what it could look like tho with planes but maybe like agents with missions.
    Also you said we "get that" or something in empire talking about 100 000 troups battles, but, we don't, not even close 😛

  41. This game was out before hearts of iron and lets you roleplay pretty much the same. It just takes imagination and thus game becomes endless

  42. 100% agree this is the best i would have a lil boys wet dream if they remastered this maybe some dlcs africa 😉

  43. It was a bit too ambitious for the time but I prefer that over the unambitious dlc ridden garbage we get nowadays from Creative Assembly

  44. I Don't like this one. I like Rome total war 2 Empire edition

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