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Why WWE 2K23 WarGames Isn’t Fun Anymore (How To Fix It!)

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When WWE 2K23 first announced the WarGames Match type, i was excited! but over time, it just didn’t feel fun anymore. Today we break down the community feedback and discuss what’s missing, what needs fixing and improving in the WarGames Match for WWE 2k24.
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  2. for matches with a cage you should be able to hit top rope finishers from the top of the cage. like a uso splash,630 senton ,moonsalt moves like that or even an RKO

  3. 5 vs 5 will be too much of a clusterfuck.

  4. The online for this game sucks we cant even use ireshwhip online it disconnects

  5. Facts but I think a full new wwe game with a new brand than 2k can be amazing….or just a collab with thq and make the best game we ever played of wwe.

  6. Eliminations don't make sense at all and would make the match boring. WarGames works the way the rules are.

  7. Does anyone know how to fix the thing with rivalry not ending? It's so annoying

  8. please also mention team creation only 3 members entrance motions

  9. Also, i think they need to add an elimination factor to the match it would make the match so much better and much more chaos.

  10. I want tag elimination chamber matches to return 😣😣😣

  11. i would like the sliders to work. I literally turned all my sliders to max so that the opponent doesnt kick out of a finisher but they still do. It is very frustrating

  12. If you want to do elimination type War games, it won't work in 2k23 model, perhaps in something like 2k19, where selling is more present , because without proper selling, it will be a shit show to fight 3 or more at once in a war game and not get eliminated. You won't be able to pin or submit anyone. If the elimination is to work in this then they have to add some other rule, some kind of KO or such or perhaps change rules to capture something because I can't imagine pinning anyone while 2 of his team are in same ring.

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