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Witnessing Russia’s massive war games in Belarus

Washington Post
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The Post’s Mary Ilyushina reports from Belarus Feb. 16, where Russia is conducting a massive military exercise near the border with Ukraine. But Western leaders are worried they won’t withdraw the forces from Belarus once the exercises end. Read more: . Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Based on what I see here, it really looks like the Russians are gearing up to invade Ukraine. I heard that plasma is being sent to the forces at the border. How very interesting, we could be seeing a peer to peer conventional war the likes of which our century has not seen. I can only hope the russians keep their asses home.

  2. Wake up NATO!!! Russia is going for that Pipe Line that Germany help them build… RUSSIA is already in BELARUS, so after UKRAINE they will go after POLAND then Germany. History is repeating itself. 🤨🧐😕

  3. Let’s go Russia! Russia will be the #1 country in a few years time.

  4. An opportunity to have the opponent expend resources and show part of his hand is of importance. Let them move their troops around for our study. The fact remains that via modern "combined missile infrastructure", US/NATO have 7 minutes flight time to Moscow. That is what keeps Putin up at nights; there is an assorted array of options sitting on his perimeter.

  5. It's funny here in the U.S. were freaking out over Russia, when China is a far superior and more powerful threat. Russian military is a joke compared to China. Putins military is a laughing stock, we should be looking to topple China.

  6. Russia has every right to protect its borders and the country. President Putin speaks with honesty and integrity. Biden doesn't know what he is talking about, reads what someone else writes

  7. Glory to Russia..and damn it to US colonial imperialism

  8. Americans can’t stay forever remember Afghanistan

  9. Will there be fireworks ? Plenty of war toys on display !

  10. i think its better to joint a DEMOCRATIC NATION, so theres no more WAR

  11. Russia le lega ukrain ko …..aur America khaaskr biden kuchh nhi krega,,,,,

    Dekh lena sirf yhi hoga,,,,,kyonki biden bhot bda feku politician hai,,,

  12. Due to unexpected high volume of participants, the platform provider of the online war game between Russia and Ukraine claimed that they do not have enough capacity to serve all concurrent users, therefore we have no choice but to cancel the event on Feb 16, 2022. Sorry for the inconvenience that caused, especially to our long time supporter, Mr. Biden.

  13. UR sooo cool Vlad. How could anyoine not HATE u

  14. They want to try to get us to fire first… And or create enough confusion and or chaos in a scenario where they could even say that we fired first….. That is the tactic at work here…

  15. So Russia won without a bomb dropped !

  16. Bingo!

    Putin has outwitted the Old Man Joe Biden again!

    Putin is twisting and turning the whole the World and the USA!


  18. They are making the missile factory rich as hell. We are probably the only creatures in the universe that will pay to destroy our beautiful planet just to see thing your way. No MAMES.


  20. Hey post editor. Reporters etc. we will now find out where you live. Then the real war begins on your lives.

  21. Next time you dox a buissness owner for a donation there will be SERIOUS consequences.

  22. Washington Post, where you will see and hear nothing but lies.

  23. I appeal to all people of good will !
    We have all witnessed how the Kremlin blackmails and intimidates the people of Ukraine.
    We must click the aggressor on the nose !
    I ask everyone to ban all employees of the Ostankino television and radio company from entering your countries. The people who work there openly call for war. Lukashenka and Solovyov openly discussed the destruction of Ukraine in three days, propagating the war.
    Ostankino in Moscow became the backbone of the regime, repressions in Russia and aggression. These henchmen of the Kremlin are ready for any crime against world peace.
    Remember Ostankino employees are dangerous to society !
    Ruh party leader Serhiy Doroshenko

  24. Ukraine should federate with Russia of which it is the original and natural part in order to preserve its land for themselves. Little Zelensky is not acting in the best interests of Ukraine. The current strategy will transform this region into one huge revenue generating entity through rent by which the lifetime earnings of residents will be shunted to the chosen few. Home prices will skyrocket beyond reach to the million dollar level, heavy taxes will be levied to pay for armaments and massive immigration will be employed in order to meet population growth requirements to satisfy lenders.

    Ukraine will survive as an independent nation, but within a generation its native stock will be a rare species and eventually vanish altogether. Citizens will have fought and died so that their nation may be inherited by strangers foreign to their land.

    The paradox of an action by a people that holds their soil virtually sacred. For which the intelligence agency will accord operative Zelensky the highest civilian honour for service to their state.

  25. The Republican Party has Embraced Totalitarianism. It had Its own Version of the Gestapo Russian police ( Bloody, Sanguinary Gangsters) Who do Persecution, Torture, and death.

  26. The Republican Party is behind the Russian Aggression Against Ukraine. They don't care how many Soldiers Die, ( Just like they didn't Care how many Lives Perish by Covid ( Due to Misinformation.They Care about Power!They want War!

  27. MrMom Father independent entrepreneur eCommerce own online store says:

    Creppy Biden had quite a few head-scratching moments, gaffes and blunders in the last year. Here's a look back at the most memorable ones. LOL!!

  28. From what I can see is that the Russian propensity to use rubber rims on all their tracked vehicles means that an application of industrial strength rubber solvent applied in the right time at the right place would put a very early end to the games 😆 .

  29. Russia says military exercises is finish up by feb 20 th

  30. Don't trust videos with the ' ' 'comments turned off' ' '

  31. US is the source of hysterics and fake-news of so called "war", NO WAR is possible between Russia and Ukraine! Cos we all are RELATIVES. We all have relatives in Ukraine and vice versa. Shut up and go home, Yankee! Stop calling for war between our nations. US initiated 80% wars in the world in 20th century. US is the AGGRESSOR:
    1950-53 – Korea,
    1964-75 – Vietnam,
    1967, 1973 – US supported Israel aggression against Egypt and Syria,
    1986 – US invaded Livia,
    1989 – US invaded Panama,
    1990 – US invaded Kuwait,
    1999 – US invaded Kosovo, Yugoslavia,
    2001-21 – US invaded Afghanistan and left it to Taliban in the end (!!!)
    2003-11 – US invaded Iraq,
    2011 – US invaded Livia again,
    2014-17 – US invaded Syria.
    US violates international law, UN resolutions. US killed millions, and made millions homeless!

  32. Russia is being pushed into China’s arms …..well done America 😂😂

  33. But usa say Russia can still invade Ukraine. Well what if we say that we don't believe what big bad bully, leader in war crimes says USA is the biggest corrupt country on this planet if USA didn't exist the world could probably be at peace

  34. I have not heard any American news agency mention that Ukraine tried to invade Russia owned crimea so a country defends its self and USA call that a invasion seriously get a grip of your country and your brain dead president

  35. Of course the Russians won’t let Ukraine get closer to NATO. It’s the Cuba crisis all over again, but this time not with nukes. If this was the other way around USA also would have gone batshit nuts.

    Ukraine people have the right to choose what they want however I totally understand why the Russians need to protect themselves from an expanding enamy getting closer. We are with you Ukraine, but sorry. We will send supplies and cheer you on, but NATO won’t go head to head with Russia and risk nuclear war. Putin will take everyone down with him if he don’t get control over Ukraine. Sorry for your geographic position, but u will be sacrificed to keep the world from blowing up.

    Sorry, not sorry.

  36. A country does not spend millions just to move troops and equipment for no purpose. Threw out history American weapons have out performed Russian weapons. Just look what happened when Russia backed Egypt and Syria when they tried to invade Israel in 1967. Israel was out numbered, tanked, gunned and they flawlessly defeated the 2 countries backed by Russia. Russia would lose a Nuclear and Conventional war if they invade Ukraine. U.S dollar is crowned the world's reserve currency. NATO has the power to Rule and control the world. Sorry Russia you are only going to hurt yourself

  37. The USA should be more concerned about China. I personally believe that this is becoming a red herring. China is perhaps 10 times more powerful than the USSR and we are already in a arms race. Reagan broke the USSR. We 30 trillion in debt. People had better start listening to Joe Manchin. For those who don't know, the democratic Senator from West Virginia.

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