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Wonderland is in peril, and only one character can restore order. In this whimsical episode of Game the Game, Becca is joined by Kiki Aimerito, Ivan Van Norman, and James Hudson to play Wonderland’s War from Skybound Games. Rally your forces and face off against other classic characters from Wonderland in this bag-building adventure.

This video is made in paid partnership with Skybound Games. Learn more here:

Want a primer on the rules? Check out How to Play:

Please note: the game used in this video is a prototype, so game pieces and rules are subject to change in the final version.

Tabletop games are super fun, but learning the complicated directions and rules can be a challenge. Becca Scott is your game tutor, explaining the game mechanics in an easy to follow way, so you can get to playing the games faster.

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  2. This channel used to be awesome. Now you guys only do like a post once a week. What happened to all of the RPG videos and all the other stuff that you used to do? Kind of disappointing.

  3. Do they still stream on Twitch? Last few times I checked they had no shows at any of the scheduled times or any updates.

  4. Hi, I am an A-level student and I am conducting primary research on tabletop games for my marketing assessment. I have seen your videos based on them. I was wondering if you could take the time out to answer these questions;
    1. What about tabletop games attracts you

    2. Would you prefer them over digital games, if yes, Why?

    3. Are there any factors beyond personal choices, that are attractive about tabletop games?

  5. Hey, its person that plays Felicia Day in super natural, "Charley"

  6. As an update to a comment I made on this video over a week ago saying this channel is dead, this video is still the last one uploaded to this channel in over two weeks.

    This channel is dead.

  7. Can you play, a wolf by any other name next?

  8. Three weeks now since this last video posting. This channel officially died back in 2017 when TableTop was cancelled. but this is just cementing it's death truly.

  9. Goodbye G&S. Thank you for giving us Critical Role, Wednesday Club and other cool shows.
    P.S. Release Sagas of Sundry: Madness, you cowards.

  10. Black Widow Hot Ass Lady

  11. Will you be doing a Video on the new Wonder Woman Game soon?

  12. So……… is this channel dead?
    It's disappointing if it is, I found the channel about 3 weeks ago watched about 60 videos, 95% of them with Becca Scott in them because she's absolutely beautiful. I watched we're alive: Frontier in 2 days. Awesome.
    Tried watching that Vampire the Masquerade crap, got about 40 mins in. But now I know Becca's in it so I'll watch the one she's in at some point.

  13. Where the frick frack is the surviving the frontier darn it

  14. I think the only way I would play this game is if, the Red Queen herself, Becca invited me to the next round.

  15. winner of [Skull], plays first roll of [Shut the Box], has the OPTION of moving 1st in [Quoridor]…ready go…

    [code phrase]:
    "The Skull is to Shut the Box, in the Quoridor

  16. Anybody know why there’s basically no content coming from this channel now? It’s been almost one month since this wonderland video. I love this show so I’d like to know if it’s getting cancelled

  17. So… Is there going to be any official informatiol about this channel or are we just supposed to guess if the channel is closing down or not? I mean I miss game the game, relics and rarities, frontier, etc .. would be nice to have some news…

  18. can you make this game the game "Betrayal at Baldur's Gate"?
    thanks in advance @geek&sundry

  19. my son just really wants this game……cant wait till it comes out

  20. G & S should have had the decency to at least make an announcement or goodbye video or SOMETHING. Just going dead air is disrespectful.

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  22. Hey there, I've been only watching Wil Wheaton's Table Top. So I just wanna ask what happened to that show? That was the best show I've enjoyed on YouTube.

  23. sold the content to some weinner?
    I go to watch the new vids and it said "private" :/
    thanx for the good stories and good times – unsubbed

  24. It both saddens me that Cheshire was an option and that no chose them

  25. Bring back tabletop and why did you stop will wheaton

  26. Strange that the card displayed at 27:14 says 3, but the one in play only says 2 (as read by the player and as shown at 27:25).

  27. I love when James is on Game the Game. He is a wonderful human

  28. I'm SOOOOO excited! I was FINALLY able to purchase this game WOOT WOOT!

  29. Dear Becca, I'd love to see you play Cartographers, or an other Tiny Towns… A hug from Mexico 🙂

  30. i miss seeing these videos, haven't had a new one in nearly a year!!

  31. I know covid is around but I guess we won’t see game the game for a while

  32. Hi, nice channel. Actualyy I'm seeking for a game like INTERPOL, that is an old board game where you must find the secret spy, which is a player, too! Do you have any similar game to recommend?

  33. Miss these videos, and Table Top Gaming videos

  34. they haven't posted in almost a tear 🙁

  35. So sad Girls Games Shelf ended, we loved them and Kiki, I hope game the game comes back post pandemic

  36. A game that I would love to see you play is Gloomhaven, if you haven't already had that up yet. It is a great game for 1-4 players and I think it would be great to see you play this, similar to how you did the Betrayal Legacy game.

  37. A game that I love to play is Explorers of the North Sea

  38. So great to see Kiki making more gaming content. It'd be awesome if she became a regular.

  39. Holy jumping Christmas how did I not know about this game?!?

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