World Nuclear War 3 AI Simulation - Russia, NATO, China, North Korea, France, UK -

World Nuclear War 3 AI Simulation – Russia, NATO, China, North Korea, France, UK

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It is obvious that today the world is divided into two coalitions. on the one hand – Nato bloc and its allies, on the other hand – China, Russia, Belarus, Iran, North Korea, Syria.

Studies say that in the U.S. 60% of people believe that everything is heading towards a third world war. And in Russia, according to polls 71% of people believe that nuclear war is about to start.

Is a third world war possible?
With so many conflicts around us.

Today we’re going to look at a possible World War III scenario and its consequences.

Stage 0. Provocation.

One of the most likely scenarios is that Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons to scare Ukraine.

This explosion would kill 30,000 to 40,000 people. And create a nuclear cloud that would spread to Europe.
According to leaks, the CIA has already been working on this scenario. There is a plan to have Nato troops enter Ukraine.
In such a case a direct military confrontation between the Nato Bloc and Russia would begin.

Stage 1. Initiation.

As the nuclear threshold is crossed, hostilities escalate into a tactical nuclear war in Europe. Russia sends 300 nuclear warheads using airplanes and short-range missiles to hit NATO bases and advancing troops. NATO responds with about 180 nuclear warheads from airplanes.
Russia’s allies will be involved at this point.
North Korea will send some nuclear missiles, not all of which will reach their target.
China will also enter the confrontation.

Сasualties – 3 million people.

World Nuclear War. Part one. Exchange of tactical nuclear warheads.

With Europe destroyed, NATO launches a strategic nuclear strike of 700 warheads of U.S. land and underwater missiles aimed at Russian and Chinese nuclear forces. Before losing their weapons systems, Russia and China make warning launches, responding with missiles launched from launchers, vehicles, and submarines.

Сasualties – 6 million people.

World Nuclear War. Part two – Attack on strategic centers.

At first, nuclear weapons would be used as a method of preventing a retaliatory or second strike. “Here it is more correct to speak not about the quantity but about the quality of casualties. All means of use have priority targets. These are first of all missile launch mines, military facilities, large cities, large industrial enterprises, dams. If power engineers, military, government bodies are killed, if power generation and transmission facilities are destroyed – the state will be irreversibly destroyed.”
In order to prevent the other side from rebuilding, Russia, China and NATO are striking each other’s 30 most populated cities and economic centers, using 5-10 warheads in each city depending on the population.

Сasualties – 200 million people.

World Nuclear War. Part three – war to defeat

At the moment when one side realizes that a nuclear war cannot be won, the war against strategic centers will turn into a war of defeat.
The main goal of which is to destroy as many cities, population, paralyzing the enemy, causing her maximum damage. If the goal is complete elimination, then non-standard targets will be attacked. For example, Russia is considering the explosion of super-powerful warheads in the depths of the ocean opposite major coastal cities. The goal is a powerful tsunami that would simply blow away everything in its path.
Also, a nuclear strike could hit Yellowstone National Park. That’s where North America’s “super volcano” or Yellowstone Caldera is located. A strike on this place would trigger a massive eruption, resulting in irreparable damage to the US and the entire continent.

A Yellowstone explosion could release between 1,000 and 2,500 cubic kilometers of solid particles, most of it in the form of ash.
On 2-3 thousand kilometers around will fall ash layer up to a meter, on the rest of the U.S. – ash layer up to 0.3 meters.
The number of dead in the first hours and days is estimated at 50-80 million people.All infrastructure will be destroyed. Industry and agriculture will disappear. A layer of ash impenetrable to the sun’s rays will appear over the planet. It can stay in the atmosphere for at least 2-4 years.
Airplanes will stop flying. Temperatures will drop. Some reports say 3-5 degrees, others say 20 degrees.


  1. I'm wondering how much the stock market would drop upon the news that a tactical nuke has been used.

  2. Why does this guy not know how to say the word “fatalities”? 😂

  3. If they hit yellow stone everybody would be effected not just America

  4. It will be a waste if the America threw in so much money to make nuclear bombs and not use them.

  5. You forgot about the nuclear reactors.

  6. Why does this have more thumbs down than thumbs up? Is it cause he kept saying Sasualties instead of Casualties?

  7. Why is it always the assumption that Russia would use them first? Its Zelensky and a handful of idiotic US politicians that have publicly called for attacking Russia with nuclear weapons.

  8. Who is blowing that siren ? Stop it !

  9. If you wanna know what will happen,if it happens,then watch the Movie 》The Day After from the eighties,that was made during the cold war ! The movie is just a peek of the iceberg ! We where watching this movie with our school.And by the way,you forgot germany on the list□ The Human Race is mentally sick,because just to think about what will happen,is a clear sigh,that it will happen.And thats total insane ! Matthew 24 is on the horizon…..

  10. Tell France to stay out of Ukraine. That will help, a lot.

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  12. If there are aliens, would they allow a nuclear war?

  13. Can't you read? Russia will NEVER use tactical nuclear except to defend itself – it is in the constitution. You start with a none sense.
    Second: the only country using and willing to use tactical nuclear bomb are the US – why don;t you start with that instead?

  14. I'll be getting a boat to Pitcairn Island

  15. Давайте уже дружить всем миром. Как всё это надоело, хочется спокойствия во всём мире, чтобы никто не голодал, чтобы более-менее все жили в достатке, не было ни сверхбогатых, ни очень бедных.

  16. What about not provoking Putin ? I am sure he will not deploy an atomic bomb in Ukraina .( Because he is crestine orthodox just like the majority of Ukraine people , and there lives also lot"s of Russian people also .

  17. And the point of all this to those in power?

  18. I'm wondering WTF these "sashualties" are?

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  20. This will never happen. The ETs have been watching this planet for millennia. Every nuke has been cataloged by them. They know where every nuke on the planet is located even submarines. So if some despot decides to start playing silly buggers the ETs will take out the missiles as they fly and a new age will start. I sleep easy knowing this. Take the piss if you like but I rather think that is the way instead of getting incinerated. It’s your choice.

  21. Well, they offered us global delayed euthanasia, if the uptake had been higher, we could have gone peacefully.

  22. There will still be a McDonald’s open somewhere the next day for breakfast 😂

  23. of course russia starts it hahahahahahaha brainwashed bullshit

  24. and after the Famine caused by Atomic wars

    a winter Famine follows the Revolution and you're right the collaspe of Civilization caused by the Left and by the Communists

    And then in its place out of the sinister of Hard-cyber-left of hell

    a New Way of Existence

    3 Hard-left Superstates will emerge as a new Left-wing Dystopian world opens a new door to continuous wars, surveillance, Left-wing totalitarianism, Left-wing Propagandas and maintaning the Pure Hard-left Ideology that no one would know who's fighting with or fighting against, but it will be about the Hard-left rulers controlling their own people within their own borders

    the Year of it will be the reality

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