WORLD OF TANKS ON HELICOPTERS ! Heliborne ! Military Aviation ! -

WORLD OF TANKS ON HELICOPTERS ! Heliborne ! Military Aviation !

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We play a nice game of Russian combat helicopters and US.
Not simulator but very cool game. Heliborne on pc


  1. Haven't heard of this… Do they have the Apache Helicopter?


  2. Don't really get the game…. What is the purpose?

  3. view distance isnt realistic. but looks fun.

  4. Never heard of it; but seems cool and exciting to play (-:

  5. This game will fail if it is intended to be a world of tanks type game.

  6. every thing is unlocked from the start
    luv this game, there are 4 eras each with their own map (era 3 has 2 maps), u create a 3 air craft squadron to a points limit dependent on era, there u choose aircraft load out nad specialist infantry
    Ai have moral that effects their accuracy and how quick they reach optimal accuracy. its is affected by incoming fire and the state of nearby freinly ground forces, this also effects them spotting players as dose player altitude, speed and aircraft size this applys to players auto spotting other players to.
    specialists, AA, AT and mortar teams can be dropped any where.
    the new kosvo map, era 4, has ai convoys that change their attack route and formation. there is also more of them spawning so that you get ground battle between bases…
    theres loads more and on EU at least the player base is becoming very active again, go buy it

  7. boycott all games from Wargaming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 👨🏻‍🚀👨🏻‍🚀👍🏻👌🏻it's really awesome

  9. What is this game tell us I wanna play it tell us now!!!

  10. name of the game plz and aslo tell me the requirements plz you cant imagine that how i love helicopter game

  11. Pretty cool but war thunder is a lot better

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