World War 2 - Battle of Stalingrad in clay! -

World War 2 – Battle of Stalingrad in clay!

Twin Tales
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A soviet soldier is trying to take down a German sniper during the Battle of Stalingrad.

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Sound by : Björn van Weiden
Additional voices: Ben Rudman

Spaghetti Western Style Sound by: venusiancharm


  1. Клюква клюкву которая погоняет ещё более большую клюкву

  2. Он как будто из болтера стреляет, персонажей в клочья разносит

  3. In real life, Russian troops are too weak, I don’t want to seem like a Russophobe, but in fact the Russians were really too weak both then and now, seeing as they lost the most soldiers, When the Germans mainly fought against America and not against the USSR, the Americans lost 10 times fewer soldiers and destroyed 40 times more of Hitler’s fascists, Even the Gilda group, which the Russians, even with troops from other countries, could not defeat, and the Americans stupidly destroyed the entire Gilda group in 2 days, Well, right now the Russians are even weaker, losing even to the weakest countries on the planet, like Ukraine, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Moldova, The Russians attacked all these and many other countries, And they began to brutally kill everyone, no matter children, women or old people, they raped even children, bombed residential buildings with rockets, the Russians after the USSR became worse than the Nazis of Germany in their , but as a rule the Russians always lose, they lost literally every war they started, We lost the war to Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Japan, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, South Korea, France, Palestine, Israel, Belarus, even the digital war with America, Digital damn, and now they are losing the war with Ukraine, after that it’s funny to watch Russian news with supposedly some achievements and successes in Ukraine, When in reality in Ukraine there are a million Russian soldiers either in captivity or dead, and thousands of Russian military equipment have been turned into scrap metal

  4. Bro, Soviet army are the most evil army ever, not German, at least Wehrmacht, and the most massacre and destruction orders came straight from the German High Command. While Soviet army had encouraged sexual violence and massacre and also tell a tons of lies using propaganda. They even kill their own kinds if they does not follow orders

  5. More like "Enemy at the gates" in clay.

  6. hell yeah! i was hoping you da make this you the kings!

  7. also what song was used in the shower scene?

  8. Меньше чем за год вся Европа была под сапогом фашистов, в то время как в Сталинграде один дом продержался два месяца и его толком не захватили. А Ленинград что пробыл под блокадой три года и его не захватили? Выкусите американцы, если бы дело касалось вашей земли вы бы ее продали .
    In less than a year, all of Europe was under the boot of the Nazis, while in Stalingrad one house lasted two months and was not really captured. Was Leningrad under siege for three years and not captured! Take it from me, Americans, if it came to your land, you would sell it .

  9. Porra tinha mais alemão que russo em Stalingrado

  10. Nossa tinha mais alemão que russo em Stalingrado

  11. the tiger tank loks deferin ten in relif

  12. Well, of course the Kalashnikov assault rifle is powerful)

  13. I’m not mother Russia, clay animates you !!

  14. You make German soldiers look like fools, despite they being one of the best fighting force

  15. I was expecting an adaptation of Enemy at the Gates, but this was more like the second half of Apocalypto.

  16. Вот такой 2 мировую я уважаю

  17. это видео больше показывает что советская армия была более жестокая

  18. It's bloody and cartoony at the same time, weird combination.

  19. Tip, boddies dont explode they bounce, found that out after surviving/witnissing first hand 9/11 (thank you to the heros who risked their lives and died for. Our country)

  20. Хоть где то ГГ поднимет огнестрел…


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