World War 2 Days Re-Enactment (Execution Scene) -

World War 2 Days Re-Enactment (Execution Scene)

Jacob Berka
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This video depicts realistic events that could have transpired throughout the course of World War 2. The actors in this video don’t condone or promote the actions of the characters they portrayed.


  1. And the Russas ? He raped the Childrens and Womans.

  2. This reminds me of when I was a kid with my friends, we would also play nerf and when we were caught as POWs we always had fun messing around as if it was like a real firing line in war

  3. Wow, this scene is better than what Hollywood portrays nowadays😊

  4. Damm didnt knownthey had cameras that good back then

  5. False shit! The us killed much more german POWs and raped and looted. History is writen by the winner. (Look at Vietnam)

  6. Se eu fosse morrer de qualquer forma eu ao menos tentaria levar alguns inimigos comigo.

  7. Did I hear kids in the background though but should they really be there

  8. This something cool thtlat involves airsoft

  9. For you people who don't know the bullets are blanks

  10. Women: we Don't need men

    Children: mommy, Daddy hasn't return yet.

  11. I can't believe people actually do this shit 😂

  12. រឿងល្អមើលណាស់❤❤❤❤❤

  13. My great uncle actually was in ww2 in the 1st Ukrainian front . Why would you want to re enact ww2 ? Lol

  14. Ya know the germans made cooking pots out of their helmets after the war

  15. And that kids is what we call…**WAR CRIMES**🤣🤣

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