World War Z: Aftermath - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer -

World War Z: Aftermath – Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

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The developers of World War Z: Aftermath walk you through gameplay examples of what’s new in the Aftermath edition of the game, including the new locations, new melee system, new weapons, first-person mode, and more. Aftermath will be released this Fall on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), PS4, and Xbox One, with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S supported via backward compatibility for now until they each get a free next-gen update next year to take advantage of the new consoles.

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  1. So you are telling me, after like a year the game is finally coming out of early access??

  2. Hopefully the AI teammates are a better.

  3. even though I'm dying to play Back 4 Blood, WWZ was crazy fun back when it first came out. excited to get this down the road

  4. This quality looks like much better than “back 4 blood “

  5. Back 4 Blood is going to be removing this game from the zombie genre so quick. This game is already dead and $25.00 for a.. DLC is insane.

  6. Un surviale horreur FPS en vue première personne génial un Open World rpg espérant que il est des conduites de véhicules automobiles est moto c'est déjà le minimum ?

  7. If they had no competition the game would have been dead along time ago

  8. This is one of those games like days gone it's not bad but has potential to be something great if they make a sequel sorry days gone won't get that chance.

  9. It's nice to have something new and all, but this doesn't seem all that different than the original WWZ (with some new features)

  10. Anyone play on PS4 looking for people to squad up with

  11. Hopefully they incorporate cross play game chat this time around.

  12. Why can’t they have a shop like Fortnite.

  13. The official Zombie apocalypse training simulator 😛

  14. 3:42 flamethrower part is disappointed with no burning effect just drop dead like shoot with normal guns makes this game look like a cheap mobile game lol

  15. Im Wondering If There will Ever Be A Phillippines Campeign In World War Z Aftermath Would Be Kinda cool

  16. Killing hoards of Zombie pedophile priests – I’m in!

  17. literally no difference at all just like from destiny 1 to destiny 2 lol

  18. This game is now a must. Every game should have first-person mode.

  19. aaaand thismtime around….can you please fix your keyboard control command options…..thanks.

  20. Is this a update or a new game ontop of the old campaigns?

  21. It's like Dead Island combined with Zombie Army.

  22. I’m in. You got me absolutely hooked.

  23. Stopaskingformynamegoogle FFSstopaskingme says:

    Give me aussie servers and il play your game unlike the last one

  24. kinda a yikes that the game is 30 fps on console. Unacceptable

  25. Have they added a dodge mechanic yet? First game desperately needed one.

  26. Well let’s look at it this way at least we’ll have two options to play a zombie PvE game but unfortunately ones gonna be popular than the other

  27. Greetings you fabulous Earthlings and Happy Thursday!👋👽 I bring thin crust pepperoni pizza for everyone. Enjoy! 🍕

  28. Oh goody, zombies and guns. How original and fun.

  29. That motocross helmet girl finna make me act up with that stomach😳

  30. No couch co-op still so don’t care, won’t play.

  31. The original WWZ game is a shitty L4D clone, so not surprising that its sequel just leans into it even harder.

  32. Let's just say it( back 4 blood )is going to eat this alive.

  33. it already looks under baked, just like the first game

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