World War Z Mobile and Tablet Game - Gameplay Demo -

World War Z Mobile and Tablet Game – Gameplay Demo

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They’re coming. Ready? The World War Z game is now available for iOS and Android devices. Travel the world, defeat enemy hordes, and play to survive. Download the game before the film opens in theaters worldwide on June 21.

Download for iOS:
Download for Andriod:


  1. Looks good. Price tag is a bit tough for me. Might get it when it drops down a bit

  2. DeadSpace is available for Android too, Apple fanboy -.-

  3. I agree that the zombie animations are robotic, but you can change the control scheme to where it controls like any other mobile fps

  4. Cole waggoner do u know demontre jones

  5. Sorry I just got a bit angry it's cool game I have it

  6. Alright, i will Download it for my „Andriod“!!!

  7. No this is not the game is world war 2 with a team and is the wrong place

  8. This game was actually good but they decided to just delete it

  9. Ok mmew emmeemmm
    EmOk wmm
    Rne q
    D ed ea
    M ed aw qe. Ee

  10. How you are feeling when someone is commenting your video after 7 years

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