World's most dangerous Tug of War Game☠️ |Contain violence| 🚩Wanna play? 🚩 -

World’s most dangerous Tug of War Game☠️ |Contain violence| 🚩Wanna play? 🚩

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  1. I actually used this strategy to win the game, when I was in the army. Of course, my captain ordered me to do this.

  2. If me go in squid game I I touch the doll I be like: AAAAH O TOUCH A DOLL AAAAAAAA HELP ME HELP ME

  3. I'm so using the old man's strategy on my next tug of war game
    So smart😳

  4. Did anyone know that the old man is the owner of the game and just played for fun?

  5. бабы выйграли АХАХАХ

  6. 🙏😿🙀😞💔😭😢😭😭😭

  7. This is Terrably intense and good at the same time 🙄👌

  8. I wouldn’t even get near where they play squid game I would be scared

  9. To the father son and the holy spirit RIP😭😭😭

  10. I kinda feel bed for the old man. First: he smiles every game that is in his childhood

  11. I probably would’ve died my first step into red light green light

  12. POV you want to make an old man comment but have no imagination

  13. I feel bad for the ones who died tbh but I’m glad that my fav team win

  14. Bon kote nu kntre ak vye fim sa mnm yn leson ou pa jwnn ladnb

  15. The old guy is happy and the others are terrified

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