World's Strongest Men in a Tug o' War Challenge at Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Scotland -

World’s Strongest Men in a Tug o’ War Challenge at Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Scotland

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The World’s strongest men attend the world famous Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, for a Tug o’ War challenge against a local team.

The strongest men were Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, Nick Best and Robert Oberst, who took on a Tug of war team from the Braemar and Invercauld Estate area of Aberdeenshire. The idea was to see how many it would take to compete against them for weight and strength. The Braemar Gathering is the only games attended by the Royal Family each year, with Balmoral Estate within the local Deeside area or Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


  1. Why is there no any black man in strongest team?😂

  2. They would have destroyed everyone in squid games

  3. Люблю Шотландию. Не теряйте свой язык и обычаи!

  4. I love how competitive these dudes are…

  5. The round of beer should be several. clans should not war

  6. they fr spawned in 4 royal giants from clash royale for this, gotta be i guess 28 elixir man…

  7. the strongest man in the world was HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (S.A.W)

  8. Is this a joke…. shouldve got the audience involved


  10. Worlds strongest but they all look fat. How is that? lol

  11. I would guess the worlds 5 strongest men would have a tug of war with 15 guys or something, not 5 other guys, all of them skinny.

  12. How about getting Big Daddy,
    Giant Haystack and Hulk Hogan
    against the Strong Men then.

  13. Did all 4 of them win the strongest man competition?

  14. لك دول ابطال وآلة خالد ابن الوليد

  15. All big mans wearing womans skirts😂

  16. I think they look stupid wearing those skirts. Our ancestors used to wear white wigs, but we don’t do that in public anymore. Why are these guys wearing silly skirts

  17. 6 minutes and 42 seconds of my life I’m never getting back.

  18. Now imagine if no one fell and they learned how to pull and do everything in sync? Do you think they could beat the team that beat them if so?

  19. Haha watching these regular sized men who are all bigger than me prepare to compete against these titans is hilarious

  20. What was the weight difference during the 4v6

  21. this is like those tiger vs bodybuilder videos

  22. These powerful mans looking so awkward with that girls frok🤣

  23. Fact :the more people the more the grip

    Source : my cow dung brain
    Edit : 999 likes feels good 😂

  24. 5:30 Four "Strongest Men" defeated by Six regular people…

    disappointed. . .

  25. these guys are just fat, no muscle mass, i can surely defeat these guys in tug of war even though im 140lbs

  26. They need to use the squid games strat

  27. The bald guy with the mustache on below the mouth looks like Goldberg😅

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