World's Strongest Men in a Tug o' War Challenge at Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Scotland -

World’s Strongest Men in a Tug o’ War Challenge at Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Scotland

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The World’s strongest men attend the world famous Braemar Gathering Highland Games site in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, for a Tug o’ War challenge against a local team.

The strongest men were Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, Nick Best and Robert Oberst, who took on a Tug of war team from the Braemar and Invercauld Estate area of Aberdeenshire. The idea was to see how many it would take to compete against them for weight and strength. The Braemar Gathering is the only games attended by the Royal Family each year, with Balmoral Estate within the local Deeside area or Aberdeenshire, Scotland.


  1. Strong and pretty 😂😂😂😂

  2. Noticing that both sides lined up entirely on one side of the rope. Is that the rules for this sport? Seems like it would make sense to alternate

  3. their lower limbs are not so strong as their upper limbs. if both have same strength these big tummy sister would have won..

  4. I love that this celebrates the beauty of men! primal and wonderful!!!!!

  5. They should all wear ballet shoes ,then they would all just be sliding around the place,would be hilarious

  6. Wahhh ada juga tarik tambang. Mantul juga kayak nya orang mana yaaaaaa???? Semangat ya bapak bapak olah raga memang perlu untuk kesehatan

  7. boy man , strong truck caterpillar 500Meter , win PIZZA And Burger gift for you

  8. They must play with Kerala vadamvali team…

  9. They look like they are some Subspecies of Humans 😮

  10. The way the last guy kept falling each time…. Lmao

  11. In a past life in around 1600 I was an English speaking knight working in Scotland. I had a very strong body like the strongmen in this video. I used to wear skirt like garment similar to those men wore. I died falling off a wooden bridge with horse while riding horse at the age of 23 between 1601 and 1609. Is there any record in the history of Scotland about such a person? Can anybody find in the historic records?

  12. 👍👍👍👌👌👌❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹

  13. 4 guys with a combined weight of 1500lbs !!

  14. Do you want chalange with me come in Kerala

  15. Four of them out weigh eight of them bye 20 pounds. Therefore eight to four seems fair.

  16. Parmi les plus forts du monde, 4 types de 170 kg en moyenne, dont Bryan Shaw de 210 et en tout 680 kg, qui se font balayer par seulement six types bien plus minces, je trouve ça décevant.

  17. Strongest men wearing skirts 🥵🤣

  18. مساع الله الله أكبر الله أكبر مرحبا مرحبا

  19. 680 kg vs 586 kg
    1496 lb = 678,5 kg (170 kg x 4 big) vs 1291 lb = 586 kg (84 kg x 7 small )
    1476 lb = 670 kg (84 kg x 8 small )

  20. Them vs devan larret and other arm wrestlers
    It will be fun to watch

  21. The continuing saga of Men Without Necks.

  22. My instincts tell me that they just let them win.

  23. Isso está errado, não deve ser feito na grama, ou devem usar chuteiras com cravos.

  24. They are not even trying 😂😂

  25. the strongest thing in this video was the rope.

  26. Охует что ани как девушки адейти а 😂😂😂😂

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