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WORTH IT In 2021? TOTAL WAR: ROME 2 HONEST REVIEW – Is it the best Total War?

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Salve, amici! It has been 8 years since Total War: Rome II released, and boy that time has gone by quickly. If you were around for launch, you might remember what state the game was in at the time. But since 2013, a ton of things have changed, with the game being patched up over the course of several years. Bugs have been fixed, features have been added and completely new campaigns have been made. So is Rome 2 worth it in 2021? Should you play Rome 2 in 2021? Should you BUY Rome 2 in 2021 if you haven’t already? Let’s find out together, looking at the campaigns, the battles, expansions, and the mods!


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  1. My Eagle Cohorts are beast. Total War your awesome.

  2. both romes are my favourite, I love the time period too much

  3. Medieval 2, Shogun, and Rome 2 are my favorites.

  4. I liked it at launch but I love it now!

  5. I bought this game at launch for full price, played it for 20 mins, and never touched it again. So naturally, I decided to try it 10 years later. Let's see how it goes.

  6. I ve had this game for awhile just played a couple custom battles fixing to dive off in it. Loved Napoleon total war this should be interesting.

  7. How are the fonts/text? Are they small as hell to the point of being unreadable like the other Total war games which basically makes them unplayable?

  8. can i play this with GTX 1660 Super and core i5 9400 ?
    on decent graphics and decent army size ?

  9. THe sad thing is that they should have continued and created a rome , medieval , shogun ,Empire ,napoleon plus late 1800s on a global scale where you could start in ancient times and move through history up to the 1900s . including south america north american tribes african tribes and empires , asian middle east european . as there is so much to cover history wise , also a great west vs east wars ranging from atilla and alexander the great .

  10. peopl who made this game, are the worst exploiters of the roman history, worst AI ever, worst challenge ever, the campaign is a mere Tom&Jerry challenge, where you spend your time chasing the AI, the developers tried to adopt some HBO Rome features in the game like music and "Family" political mechanics, and culture crap which only made the game more time consuming, you will lose 1% of your actual lifetime on "End Turns". this game is nothing more than a "click and collect cities" game. LOVED the RTW1, made much more sense than this crap

  11. rome 2 is good now. but the dei mod makes it legendary.

  12. I played Rome I excessively back in the day. I mean, EXCESSIVELY. 😀 I’m only now really checking out Rome II, and the fact that not all towns can have walls is absolutely confounding to me. This is so laughably implausible, it borders on a dealbreaker to me…

  13. Not a fan, the game doesnt explain shit to you. The battles are horse archer spam.

  14. The battles look awesome, but to me it’s a bad strategy game. This game infuriated me when I was gonna recruit some units and a enemy attack the settlement I was in which canceled out the recruitment. So I had to think TWO turns ahead in some aspects compared to just 1.
    And I started out playing Rome 2. I then moved over to Rome 1 and medival 2, and those games work better for me.

  15. OH KEEP CRYING wowww the ai can not choose to be a vassal and die with honor wowwwww no we want robot ai noo. Keep crying dude just sell ur game

  16. I might overhype this but this is the best game ever made by Sega

  17. Rome 2 has stayed popular b/c thew lact of quality content CA has released since 2013. Since 2013 we've seen Saga's which were essentially mini-games along with 3 titles of Warhammer. The only full-size same of historically setting since Rome 2 is 3 Kingdoms and my experience with 3K is either you like that period in history or you don't. If CA had released Empire 2, Medieval 3, or even Rome 3 – pretty sure they'd be the most popular game currently in the series. Instead we keep getting half completed games and fantasy based games.

  18. It has so many dlcs dude….things that should already be there.

  19. It is crazy how shogun 2 looks so clean and easy compared to all the other total war games

  20. Ha! I still remember that Angry Joe review about how buggy it was. I had so much fun with Rome, but avoided that mess.

  21. In my opinion one of the best to date in terms of fun factor if you don’t play Rome itself

  22. Still no, the game just sucks and if you want a good game with a lot of mods med 2 is better, morale is trash, generals are trash, building is trash, research is trash, if you want to understand more dishonorabledaimyo made a entire video about the downfall of total war and explains its pretty well.

  23. 100% agree with your words. Thanks for this.

  24. Hey hey 2023 player, just to inform you. Syracuse and Jerusalem now have walls

  25. The only thing I liked about Rome 2 was the cinematic aesthetic. True, successive patches have balanced the game somewhat. But there are still so many bugs and flaws. The most conspicuous of which for me is the morale system. A levy unit will often fight till it has 10-20% of soldiers left. Some elite units fight till the death. This is simply unrealistic and not fun. It means that late game battles tend to be a tedious slog.

  26. Rome 2 will forever be my favourite of all time

  27. I just realized that your talking speed is slower than average ppl. Probably to extend watch time. You plug different vids you've done, and dawdle without talking about the main point. I don't mind one or two but all of it combined is just greedy

  28. About campaign. Campaign is shitty mess with brain dead AI.. They never fixed that and people playing this with mods, that's why it's popular

  29. When u live in CCCP have freedom and bought game of Creative Assembly and see can be worst. 😂
    I played Total War series from begining. From 1990 Centurion: Defender of Rome. ^^ (Amiga) And i need to say for last almost 34 years nothing change. ^^ Maybe only graphic : in this game there is no diplomacy… well i dont waste time to say what is wrong with whole series just that TW: Rome I was far bettere game then second… in 1 Rome Falang was true falang like hedhog in second even with description of unit is that lenght of spears is 4 to 7 meters in reality have 2 meters. ^^ And thats the best conqlusion of that game. Dont waste money on it. BCS 30 years in development and that game still suck. 🙁


    To say how bad this game is :

    Year is parted for spring to winter 4 turn but in reality for characters is 4 years. PATHETIC 16 turns should be 4 years of life of character but is 16 years spring = 1 year,summer = year, outumn = 1 year and winter = 1 year hehehe all characters is dieing 4 time faster then whole dinasty is a 💩💩💩💩. RLY so much mistakes and pile of 💩💩💩 in this game is normal. (IM CRYING AND LAUGHING CREATIVE ASSEMBLY GTFCK from biznes if u cant handel so simply things like time. LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.

  30. As someone who has only played Rome 1, Medieval 2 and Empire I find it daunting and unappealing looking at how the map/UI looks in the new games.

  31. Why didnt they put china as a power you play or fight against.. china was almost as powerful as rome and at the same exact time…

  32. i spend most time on rome2
    i have TW- Attila, Medieval 2, -Empire, -Rome2, -Napoleon, -Shogun 2 amd -Warhammer 1
    I liket much Shogun 2 and the Sea fight in Empire
    warhammer is… warhammer bro; nice fantasy setting (im more on the LotR-side; but why not orcs and beasts, elfes, human, what you whant more!?)
    and Medieval 2…🤯 broooooo…. the mods; Third Age and Co this is childhood-dream stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! if you like Lord of the rings you understand me!

    BUT Rome 2 was me first Total war game; i played this game 1 year cracked from pirate side; it was so good i must buy it!!!!
    i spend then 367 Houers on this game on Steam
    Good memories
    ALLLL the units; the look and the colors from the the grafics😍 look more realistic then the other Total War games
    and you have all this Factions you know from Movies
    Rome, the Greeks with SPARTAAAAAA😂, Athen and co
    the Famous Barbarien from the Nord😤💪
    or the Agyptian; who dont know Kleopatra?bruh😂
    Or if we go in the East; we all know the Movie 300; we all know LEAONIDAS and hes Enemy XERXERS the great God-King; so there are Persian- Faction to play
    and you can take them all under your Lead and INVATE Europa with never ending Hordes💪💪✊
    like Xersers in the Movie; with diffrent Units from all over the Middle -East😈 (with some mods you can even have the Immortals as a Spezial Unit; looking exactly like in the Movie; badass stuff!)
    you will find more then thoes but this Faction we all know well from Movies and Documentary-Movies—so….
    if you like this Era THIS IS DEFINITLY A GAME FOR YOU!

    ps: sry for me bad english😅

  33. Very good review. As a fan of the series but someone that waited back then when I saw the disastrous launch I think I'll get out now.

    I also was never much into the Rome and Greece of the past, so I was more inclined to Shogun, Medical and Empire, that is until 3k and warhammer came along.

  34. This review is shit!! Some people just don't play the game enough and it's not aware of Rome I, so it's a quick-biased review focused on.

    – UI
    – Unnecessary roads that has anything to do with the game
    – imaginary walls that never played any role in the game
    – etc.

    I see a lot of this type of reviews recently coming from Gen Z. They DO NOT PLAY the game!!

  35. its not even worth it in 2024, the ai in city battles is absolute dogshits, TACTICS BE DAMNED.

  36. i played warhammer 2 and thought it was good not great. do you guys think this game is better or more fun?

  37. Im only interested in what factions i can play on the grand map, if i would buy it

  38. In my over 1000 hours experience i must disagree with the diplomacy statements. Once you had build up some allies they would never betray you unlike in shogun 2 where you get betrayed all the time. The way to go is starting with non agression pacts and then hopefully building enough score to get trade agreements or just add some coin. Unless they are barbarians you will usually get a solid partner out of them. Overall the diplomacy system has always been the same more or less in total war.

  39. I still play Shogun 2 and finally won for the first time yesterday

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