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WW1 Tanks in Trench Warfare 1917 #shorts #ww1 #history #war #tank #games #mobilegame

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Which one is coolest?
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  1. Ottomon: Tank 👎 Car: 👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Britain: we will make tanks with tracks over their whole bodies and fast tanks with rotating (not fully) turrets! Germany: TRACKED TOASTER! Russsian Empire: ARMOURED TRICYCLE!

  3. Nobody: The German Iron Cross on a British armoured car:

  4. the last one is wrong is austrohungarian

  5. There are actually japanese during ww1

    American tank:

  6. Cant wait for all the stuff from the og to come to remaster but probably in 2026 lol 😅

  7. I think the M1917 is only a modification of Renault FT 17, a french tank

  8. I have that tank in city smash 2 like for real 😂😂

  9. I like this game so much because in the British when I first got the Mark Ivy It started destroying everything

  10. there is a difference between tanks and armored cars

  11. I didn’t even know some of these tanks were in the game

  12. A7v was one of the rarest tanks in the world

  13. Now make this in trench warfare 1917 remake pls

  14. Can you guys make the tiger tank cheaper I wanna get it

  15. France: normal tanks
    England: normal tanks
    Germany: normal tanks
    Russia: fucking bicycle

  16. I wonder how good the K Wagen would have worked

  17. I just recently started playing this game and it's awesome and the tanks are well reproduced, although the British one is probably a Mark V

  18. Как называется игра пж скожите

  19. but the romfell armored car does not do much damage to the enemy

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