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WW3 fears as China & Russia join forces for massive war games in chilling message to the West

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CHINA and Russia have joined forces and are staging huge war games in a show of unity to the West, sparking fears of WW3.

It comes as growing tensions with the US and joint concern regarding the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan have further united the two nations.

An estimated 13,000 troops from the People’s Liberation Army and the Russian Army took part in the combat exercises in northwestern China.

The military drills reflect the increasingly closer ties between Beijing and Moscow and are a defiant bid to prove their alliance to Western forces.

Russian media have stressed the aim is specifically to counteract “mounting pressure” from the West, just one week after thousands of Marines and sailors took part in the US Navy’s largest war game in 40 years.

The drill, aiming to prove America’s “readiness” for potential global conflict, marks a return to similar Cold War exercises that were seen during the 1980s.

It’s thought that 36 ships and more than 50 virtual units took part in the mission alongside military and civilians, according to the Defense Post.

Beijing had previously staged drills off the coast of Taiwan, in what is widely seen as a dress rehearsal for an invasion, despite Washington’s interventions.

Now seemingly in retaliation, Russian forces were observed firing shots from Chinese wheeled tanks and armoured vehicles.

“Russian servicemen hit most of the targets” despite their lack of experience with the Chinese military equipment, TV Zvezda – a network owned by the Moscow defence ministry – boasted.

The war games, involving both ground troops and air forces, are set to continue until Friday in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which is rich in different terrain.

The region borders Xinjiang, which shares a narrow frontier with Afghanistan – raising concerns in Beijing that the Taliban’s “terrorism” could spill over into their territory.

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WW3 fears as China and Russia join forces for massive war games with 10,000 troops in chilling message to the West

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  1. They can play all the games the want. They only need to look over their shoulders as they are surrounded by allied countries with nuclear war heads. They can only defend themselves. No offensive. Rubbish tanks anyways.

  2. Why do you want to kill people that could be your friends? You don't know them. You heard a few words and you think that they want to do something bad to you. Not necesarilly. Untill now there was no war. So what's the problem now? Talk more with the ones with whom you want to make war with. You will see that they are not so different than you. Our bodies have different shapes, but there are smaller differences between our souls, we are all life

  3. 🚨🇷🇺«Урок крови»: Россия и Китай были социалистами в 1969 году, но КПК вторглась на остров Даманский и на Дальний Восток России и теперь серьезно угрожает вторжением в российскую Арктику. «Регион. Дальний Восток России» является плацдармом для вторжения КПК. Арктический регион России. КПК покупает у России оружие, чтобы «украсть» технологии и военные секреты. КПК никогда не отказывалась от своего заговора с целью вторжения в границы России, Даманский, Дальний Восток и Арктический регион. «Русские могут доверять всему миру, кроме КПК».

  4. China is unlikely to start a war right now.
    Time is on the side of China.
    China is churning out warships. It will take them another five to ten years to match and surpass the US, UK and others that are poking the dragon.
    In the meantime, China won't take the bait.

    TARGET 100 TRY

    TARGET 100 TRY

  7. Isn't USA joining forces to European countries as well? If America do it it's ok. If Russia does it, it is dangerous?

  8. @#%@#!$#~$~$@~Indian Delta virus originated in Delhi, India, and exported to the world. There is evidence that it was caused by the virus that they had wiped their buttocks and continued eating with their hands.they cannot buy soap to disinfect their hands

  9. It's all because of the stupid stragety and hubris: Engage two wars at two frontlines at the same time.

  10. 太阳报,啊,那n没m事s了l ,看个足球也是这个报最爱造谣

  11. its seems like military exercise usa n indonesia

  12. we have Nato, here is a solution, ask Russia to join Nato
    stop bitching on them since they have only improved both economically as ethically since, well, ever,
    they are not yet at our sensibilities yet but for the love of God they are much better for the grand majority of their people,

    not only that but despite the chechen war first hand testimonies of people that have lived there and still do, they have a very large islamic minority in certain area's but since the chechen war things have been good, and one of my friends lived together with Muslim roommates there, those did not adhere to hatefull salafist or wahabist hadid however

    (seriously what is wrong with our countries for allowing those versions of Islam to become domminant in our muslim populations, I have read translations of the experiences of both arab muslims and greeks after the early expansion, they prayed in the same churches and built their mosques in the same places and in the style of the greek bassilica, since Aryan christianity had been strong in the area those teachings are also present in Islam, it turns out that Christ is considdered not the son of God but to be moulded from a piece of the soul of God, he is supposedly the holyist person in Islam though according to Mohamed christianity despite its name had strayed from the true path of Christ and by extension of God)

    the USSR had in fact offered to join NATO early on, as it was claimed that it was not meant as an anti soviet militairy pact, by declining their offer (and i believe that many actually argued for acceptance) the USSR had gained the right to form the warsaw pact as opposition to NATO, they did not expect to be accepted, perhaps they would have then declined even, but there is precedent to invite them in now

    after all Russia is still a potent militairy power, but no longer a real treath and contrary to what these militairy exercised may indicate they do not trust or like China much, (China is encroaching on Russian arms deals and often doing this with equipment of soviet or Russian design but either kept in production past licence or improved upon despite having no right to do so under license agreement or simply reverse engineered and produced without license, which they also did with plenty of US equipment, such as the hue helicopter,

    they are also colonising siberia in an attempt to both secure their north and more practically to aid in food production, as they don't have the agricultural output to be self sufficient nowadays

    just saying


  14. It will take another 50 yrs for China and Russia to be a serious threat to the USA military. So chill out everyone

  15. Already seen this in Russia China news channels. But their title wasn’t so warmongering

  16. Russia is not a war ally of China only an economic ally. China is the only threat in this video, but that is a long way off.

  17. Just a joint military exercise, Sun. Nato has been doing it for years, where's the WW3?

  18. If WW3 did happen, Japan will be the only country in the world nuked twice 😄

  19. Nooooo you cant have traning!!! But when the us and japan does it its perfectly fine


  21. Us brings troops home, France just brought troops home from Africa…

  22. No, it's the other way around. It's the US been too offensive in recent year. From the MSM propaganda trend we can see the US will declare war with China soon. China & Russia are taking defensive action.

  23. I think Russian friends are not only Chinese XD

  24. 英國再次跟著美國就是海軍強國😭😭
    British follows America is navy strong nation again 😭😭

  25. Both of their army's without nukes would decimated by a joint coalition of Europe, indo pacific countries and the US.

  26. Bruh there just doing a exercise usa and allies do the same thing

  27. Wtf haha this is an event called army games and about 30 odd countries participate in it..

  28. wey I just tried these large fish fingers, not bad.

  29. China, not Russia has ever been a threat. They are ready and welcoming the US and its allies. The US will lose like never before.

  30. Counter terrorism training is WW3?!

    Oh it's The Sun, that's alright then.

  31. When i buy something from china it only last 3 days so i am not worried at all😂

  32. China is forgotten who helped them to get the japanese out of their country.

  33. Man The sun really want to start a war, instead of sending British troops just send the sun crew.

  34. Russia ….China??? You want a fight with the west 😏……yea be ready to loose.

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