WWE 2K22: How I Created WAR GAMES! (sort of) - nzwargamer.net

WWE 2K22: How I Created WAR GAMES! (sort of)

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Today we play WAR GAMES! in WWE 2k22 (kinda) i’m going to show you how i created my version of WWE WAR Games in WWE 2K22. Setting up the match creation, the arena you can get and playing through our version of the upcoming WWE WAR GAMES PPV!

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  1. Trying to make War Games caused my first glitch as one of my Caws has a baseball slide from the outside but I made it a cage match not a HIAC. So he floated trough the wall

  2. We need this plus we need tag team elimination chamber.

  3. I made a 4 on 4 verson with no cell but will definitely make the 3 on 3 verson for my game as well to add some more fun to my universe mode. My latest 4 on 4 match was team black and gold vs bloodline and team black and gold picked off the bloodline one by one.

  4. im 2k20 u could do an 8 man wargames… for sum reason this u can only do 6

  5. That's gonna be weird, seeing two rings at a Survivor Series event. But if they want to put War Games in 2k23 they could just have the one ring and have the three or better four person teams. I'd settle at least for that.

  6. Dang! Already set up my match card for Survivor Series to play this weekend but now I’m going to have to change it up to War Games. Enjoyed the video – glitches and all.

  7. I can’t wait until tomorrow I’m going to be there live! It’s gonna be electric

  8. I think it already matches type a 6 man hell in a cell tag match

  9. I think each character needs to get 2 pin Falls I don’t think pin falls count for the whole team

  10. I like it, also we still need Undertaker WM 29/30

  11. 2k isnt happy knowing they have to actually put effort making a new game mode since wargames will be anual😂

  12. In 2/3 falls tag matches, on person on a team has to get 2 falls. Idk why it can’t be one each.

  13. I reckon it'll be someone pinning jey uso or sami purely to add more to that rivalry

  14. it's War Games today!!!!😈😈💥💥🔥🔥

  15. It would most likely be too complicated for them to pull it off. If they did it, it would have to be its own thing, like how Elimination Chamber matches are always in the EC arena. War Games would always have to be at the special Survivor Series War Games arena. Also, there’s the timed intervals where people enter the match from the outside. Not to mention the two rings.

    If they pulled this off, I see it being a maximum 3 vs 3 capability. No teams of 4 or 5. We can’t even get 10 stars in the ring at once, let alone with all the complexity of a war games match thrown in.

  16. Bro I laughed so hard at the beginning… Tb “Hey Big Daddy” 😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 had to start it over

  17. I commented this in the last vid r u LA KNIGHT

  18. You should show attires for ever superstar in the game without dlc

  19. Why can’t they put war games in the game?? Will it break the game or something???

  20. There's already a mobile/PC game that already has a wargames mode, it's called wrestling revolution

  21. Hey assemble! Its literally my dream to be in one of your videos and I just spent hours making a new Survivor Series War games arena. I really think you should check it out. It’s by Lilguy5360

  22. It's good to have L.A. Knight as a guest star on your show.

  23. They could do it it's only two more wresters than elimination chamber they could do it

  24. Why isn’t there 4v4 hell in a cell option? It was in 2k19 original release and then they patched it out

  25. You looked like Dahnheusen for the first minute of the video 🤣🤣

  26. That's awesome that's exactly how I do mind it just would be so much easier if it was elimination style getting possibly get five in at a time

  27. What are you going to do for the women who are you going to put in the match I need to know

  28. Love this! However, I created my own Match Type a few years back called "Hell House" which is sadly exactly what you've done to make War Games but I'm happy I'm not the only one who has come up with this <3

  29. Nah man!!! War games usually have 2 rings this is too small

  30. Why is no one asking about Assembles multiverse variant from the MCU!? 😂

  31. Honistly i dont see War Games being to hard to make, have it be like the Rumble just in 2 rings and a big cage. Also I just want to point out you can have 8 man hiac and the rumble can have 8 people at once.

  32. There’s no pins in real War Games . It’s only submission or surrender. What wwe puts on is a ripoff of TNAs lethal lockdown. They just use the name incorrectly.

  33. Throwback to WWE 12's Road to WrestleMania which made up its own War Games match by doing a 6v6 Hell in a Cell elimination match. They didn't explicitly say "War Games", but Kevin Nash called it WCW style so it's pretty much that

  34. i like the split-screen version of you its hilarious keep it up

  35. I wish that they would do war games but I match my really want to see is a lions den match

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