WWE 2K22: NXT War Games Gameplay & More New Match Types That Would "Hit Different!" 💥 - nzwargamer.net

WWE 2K22: NXT War Games Gameplay & More New Match Types That Would “Hit Different!” 💥

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With WWE 2K22 looking to “Hit Different” this year, today we’re taking a look at 5 new match types that would do exactly that, including the most requested new match time… NXT War Games!

Which of these new match types would you most like to see added in WWE 2K22?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Capitol Wrestling Center – BLXCKHEART

Dexter Lumis – JoeMashups / GameEliteUK

Karrion Kross – JoeMashups

L.A. Knight – JoeMashups

Johnny Gargano – ItzMarkTheRampage

Kyle O’Reily – NotJulian

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  1. If they have War Games they need to have the orginal WCW version with the roof on the cage as well as the NXT version. They need to finally have a real Survivor Series Elimination match where we see all 10 people for a 5 on 5 match on the apron or a 4 on 4. They've only been able to have 6 wrestlers on the screen for tag matches so with the new systems they should be able to have bigger tag matches and you should also be able to make team names like the old WWF days of the Survivor Series and assign Captains and Co captions of the team and maybe have an option like in the 1990 Survivor Series match where all the Survivors of the teams to have a Grand Finale match. I would also like to see World War 3 in the game. WCW had some really cool ideas but just didn't know how to execute them. The World War 3 match would be so cool in a video game and hopefully will also return as a match for WWE PPV or special. Other matches that are long overdue: Strap Match, Dog Collar Match, Casket Match, The Doomsday cage match from WCW Uncensored 1996 that was a triple decker cage match, to be able to fight in crowd and all over the arena like in Smackdown vs Raw 2007 only even better and to be able to attack fans and everything and everyone to be interactive. To jump the scaffold etc. Have the option of up to a 60 man Royal Rumble like the old battle Royal in WCW Revenge, Flag on a pole match, etc.

  2. These new match types sounds pretty good , hopefully it'll be as good playing it.

  3. Is there blood and bad bunny in the game

  4. If it has War Games I will lose my shiznit! I would also like to see NXT's pit match. How about a lumberjack match🤔

  5. Please how can I make a character to leave the ring during a match to take a break or to make him act like he's thinking on Xbox One

  6. I would also like to see SGF match and ambulance match

  7. Can you potentially tell me where I can find the list of Matches that are now in WWE 2K22? I've been looking for quite a while and I found a leak that 10-Man Tag Team Matches will be in there, but I'd really like to hear it from the developers.😂 Please get back as soon as you can. Thanks for this video, by the way!❤️💯🙏

  8. I mean this should be cool but they still haven't responded with like what match types were getting so I hope so but I doubt we're getting it to be honest

  9. I’m super confused so you’re saying these aren’t actual matches in the game just think could be? Then what the hell was I just watching?

  10. "Sorry.. We just wanna rob you people.. who doesnt love some easy money? haha. We know you are going to buy anyway. Hence we will add those somewhere down the line in 6 years. But hey.. We have added MGK as playable character.. Isnt it so cool. It actually took away all the 3 year time we had. Have fun." -2K

  11. None of these cool match types are in the game. Does 2K22 still hit different?

  12. I would love a war games mode. Or at least me allowed to make a war games arena so we can use it.

  13. I would like to see war games and the boneyard match

  14. Why are these match types in the game already ?

  15. the fact we have seen what 5-6 war games matches and 2k didn’t put it the game kinda irritates me 😭

  16. I forgot about those cool outside areas in 20 they should've brought those back like the graveyard and wyatt family compound etc

  17. Yeap 2k dropped the ball again. No war games cage

  18. Wargames really wouldnt be that intense on consoles at all. You can do gigantic royal rumble matches just fine on PS4, and an extra ring aint shit. 2K just lazy as shit, or WWE is being lame, either or.

  19. 😂 no chance. They had 2 years to develop this game and it’s barely different to 2k20. Visual upgrades and a new control scheme. There’s no way they’ll include match types in an update 😂 keep dreaming

  20. Love to see an explosive death match as well as the inferno thrown into the game, had such good reactions to those when I 1st seen them.

  21. I want all of em 💯 along with i quit match and different weapons for the ring also i want to be able to hit people with a ring bell again used to be my favorite thing 🤣

  22. WWE 2k community: we want war games
    2k games: ha ha ha No

  23. They need to add omg moment special back the legion of doom

  24. I really would like to see and play war games I like the two rings with the steel Cage over them

  25. Are any of these in the game or in community creations?

  26. Plz ,how did you create this arenas ? Is it disponible for download ?

  27. Imagine if raid gets its final update, and then, like a month later, the game gets shut down that would be the most happiest day for me because no more read, shadow, legends sponsors

  28. We can’t get nun on current gen 😂😂😂

  29. Are we forgetting that this man just made the whole game before it even came out. This man fixed the Glitches of wwe 2k20 and made new matchtypes just to provide content. Give this man a noble prize and hope that he spares you while you place the award by his feet.

  30. Let's do a World War 3 match……which is a just a royal rumble with 3 rings

  31. What game is this footage from?! Help me know please?!

  32. They should just add a r18 feature in the settings that enables crowd cursing, blood, inferno matches etc….

  33. Can I use Your war game clip buddy

  34. Who’s here after they revealed War Games for WWE 2K23???

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