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WWE 2K23 Did You Know?: Forfeit Wins in War Games, Extra Car OMGs, Hidden Content & More (Episode 3)

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Here we go with Episode 3 of the brand new Did You Know? Series featuring 5 things you might not know in WWE 2K23, including new features, secrets, easter eggs and hidden content!

Today’s featured things include:

– How to secure a forfeit win in War Games by forcing your opponent to leave the cage.
– More new car moves backstage that allow you to throw your opponent through the bar window, on to the windscreen and more.
– Hidden content for Mandy Rose, including a new championship entrance and crowd signs that were leftover after Mandy was removed.
– Special commentary that occurs when playing John Cena vs John Cena to see which was the most dominant version.
– How to unlock an alternate version of Stone Cold Steve Austin using a new Stone Cold Day Locker Code in MyFaction.

The Mandy Rose featured in this video was created by WhatsTheStatus, AntronxE & lexveraux.
To download Mandy, you’ll need to search Community Creations using the hashtag “MANDYHIDDEN” and download the version that was uploaded by WhatsTheStatus#56440.

Enjoy! 🙂

☆☆☆ Video Chapters ☆☆☆

00:00 Intro
00:27 More New Car Moves Backstage
02:10 Alternate Stone Cold Locker Code
03:11 Hidden Mandy Rose Content
04:31 Battle of the Eras
05:40 How To Force Your Opponent To Leave The Cage in War Games

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☆☆☆ Disclaimer ☆☆☆
I was sent a free copy of WWE 2K23 by 2K UK to allow me to record this content early.

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  1. These things suck. It’s no upgrade. 😂💀

  2. You guys are acting like it's so impressive that they're able to use cars but SmackDown shut Your mouth you're actually able to drive a motorcycle around and not only were you able to access the cars in those older games four moves and such there was one time you could even use jbl's limo to end the match. Hell they had parking lot brawl matches. This shit ain't no this is just old ideas being brought back. But these games still suck compared to those.

  3. Did you know: Both Adam Cole and Bobby Fish's victory motions have been added back to the game after being removed in 2K22. Also, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly's tag team entrance and victory motions are in the game as well after being removed in 2K22.

    PSN Tag: TheAlphaMaleABH.

  4. Do anybody know if there is tired finishers? Crawling towards your opponent and drape one arm over your opponent to pin…

  5. Did You Know? Among many of the bullshit things WWE 2K23 removed for no damn good reason, they've now completely removed the ability to assign any type of music for shows.
    Seriously, why do people keep buying these shitty games?

  6. Can anyone tell me Elimination available in war game???

  7. Can we use cody cutter 2 as a signature???

  8. Your voice is very chill. And you’re great at what you do!! Thanks for your amazing content as always 🎉

  9. Why do they have to lock everything on my faction?

  10. Make a playlist! It’s that time of year 🙂

  11. Man I just finished myrise just to find out all the unlockables are stuck behind playnow I wouldn’t have done all that if I knew all I truly earned after 8 hours are zeke and a triple H that I won’t use they need to give us those arenas

  12. It's not only John Cena who has special commentary when facing himself

  13. Did you know if you use undertaker 03 he will have an new animation when standing

  14. I wonder if they will crack the Figure Cena MyFaction Card from Walmart and the Broken Skull Steve Austin for Regular Modes

  15. Did you know undertaker has a new animation for his pin with the tombstone

  16. Did you know the Jhon Cena and hulk hogan have commentary

  17. Smacktalks did you know you cant edit Cody Rhodes entrance/victory or you lose his song?

    I wanted a better title victory scene but you cant change it or you lose his song due to his song being exclusive content.

    Sucks cuz i want a better title victory😢

  18. Can you do custom matches in universe mode for wwe 2k23

  19. Did you know that there's a Killer Instinct Easter egg during the tutorial? During the combo breaker portion, Woods will yell CCCCOMBO BREAKER!!! Which is a reference to the once great fighting game series.

  20. Did you know that superstars actually react to pin break ups? Instead of just stopping the pin and getting up you can see they actually react to getting hit like in real life

  21. Still terrible clipping!! This was basically figured out on PS2 so wtf is the deal 2K?!?!?

  22. Can u also throw ur opponent through the glass of the ambulance?

  23. Did you know that the crowd sing along with Seth freaking Rollins theme during his entrance and during his match

  24. Did you know commentators will react to being in different arenas such as WCW Nitro Arena
    ECW One Night Stand Arena
    Smackdown 02 Arena

  25. Hey smacktalks got 1 for u if the referee gets hits 2 or 3 times wen he or she goes to count for a pin the ref counts slow like in real life wen they hurt dam thing cost me a few matches cuz of that

  26. That's awesome glad those interactions making it back,hope maybe they added some weapon interactions we might not know about

  27. Did you know that when you attack the referee and he gets up again, he will count slowly as if he were injured

  28. John Cena: U can't see me!
    Younger John Cena : Dude, we can see each other, we are the same!

  29. If you play as John Cena '02, the ring announcer will announce his name with less enthusiasm compared to other renditions of Cena

  30. Did You Know There is unique dialog from the commentators if you make MA.CE or MAN.SOOR bleed

  31. Did you know in a cutscene with Shawn Michaels in MyRise The Lock storyline, When our Character has a Ice Pack you can see boxes that say Dirty Deeds, Jon Moxley’s old finisher name.

  32. Thank you so VERY VERY MUCH for making this video, as NOBODY seemed to know how to interact with the car doors etc…

  33. Did you know that in the Rumble, when The Bloodline enter as 1, 2, 3 and 4, they wont fight each other until someone outside the faction has entered

  34. Did you know? That in WWE 2K23 they added an entrance for indie superstar Kylie Rae titled "ALL SMILE", this comes after she tried out for wwe last year and completed on main event

  35. Wow I saw my name and was so shocked u used my “Did you know” 😭😍

  36. Ronda rousey and Cody Rhodes theme song is unavailable in create an entrance and jukebox

  37. Did you know there's an alternate version of the Cody Cutter in the game as an apron springboard to ringside move, named the springboard cutter

  38. Oh brilliant can unlock a stone cold can't wait to add him to mygm roster and universe oh wait …

  39. Did you know when downloading shows in community creations every show has a show intro and music despite the fact there is no show intro in universe mode… could it be getting patched back in?

  40. Did you know 2k should of brought back road to wrestle mania like the old smackdown vs raw games 😢

  41. Hey did you know in the my rise you can fight Corey Graves during the finale of the My Ride story mode and to unlock Ezekiel you have to talk to John Cena via text message

  42. And you can also unlock the terroriser AKA John Paul Levesque when you talk to tabish

  43. They took away backstage brawls in matches for a standalone match at its pretty weak. They charge for an accelerators pack to "unlock everything" but lock things behind myrise, my faction, and showcase mode. They removed physics from the steel steps, and haven't added any new environmental attacks since 2k18. They don't deserve money anymore.

  44. Is the code expired as tomorrow is March 31st?

  45. That was a REALLY-good overview of the War-Games-menu; thank you so very much!

  46. 5:00 Strange that the referee is standing in the ring all by himself.

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