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  1. 2k is ass. I'm genuinely annoyed by the lack of effort. I'd honestly be cool with a new wrestling game every 3 years if that means it'll be fleshed out. The only thing that 2k does better than other wrestling games is it's creation modes.

    It makes since why Smackdown Vs Raw 06-11 had more depth than 2k22 as a wrestling game.

    Those games had limb damage, great gm modes, great story modes, decent creation suites (that 2k used as a blueprint), and the ability to interact with your environment.

  2. Off topic but what wwe game you playing in this video? Looks fun

  3. Big facts big dawg. Ignore the 10 year Olds let them steal their moms credit card and keep buying it.

    😂 They'll literally buy dog shyt if it has cenas face on it lol.

  4. Bought it last night thinking i was gonna stay up all night playing i was bored in 45 mins and went to bed? No judgment day? Hella out dated

  5. Its trash lol. And what a scummy move to put the Icon edition as the price it is only to rip the customers off by using Brick Lesnars current entrance for his 03 skin lmao.

  6. I will say 2k23 they fucked up with The Bloodline and Judgment Day, Sami Zayn is a baby face, Solo isn't even in the Bloodline. Hell they even have Dominik as a babyface.

  7. It's the far cry 4 of wwe games 😂😂

  8. nigga… you took the L simply purchasing the game. tf you think you are?

  9. 2K24 and on ward will be the same as this there built off 2K22

  10. Be sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed and subscribe if you're new. Tell me below what you think of WWE 2K23 so far. BTW Game on screen is WWE 2K19 modded

  11. I love 2k23 love how it looks and I loved 2k22 but I respect your opinion brotha

  12. Time for your weekly WWE 2K23 rant without even playing the game!!!! It’s a game dedicated to the current roster of course they are not going to focus on legends. Why would they? Legends are a bonus!!! Do you even watch WWE wrestling bruh?

  13. I agree 2K is just lazy in general literally copy and paste with a few extra stuff that will be boring in secs no biggie 🤷🏽‍♂

  14. The 2k cheeks spreaders will take 2K anyway they can. They're like the girl who's still with the guy after being abused, talking about "He's actually a great guy"

    Edit: Oh yeah I forgot one last thing… TRAAAAASHHHHH!!!

  15. 2k22 was an alright game but for me it crash every time I hope it's a different situation with 2k23.

  16. I gotta agree with you bro I was literally thinking the same thing. Dont listen to the butt boys. We've seen the gameplay. It's exactly the same.

  17. Wwe 2k23 is what wwe 2k22 should of been at release

  18. I completely agree with you on this. All it is a 60$dlc

  19. The one thing I’m wanting to see is the superstar tendencies that Brian Williams said they added this year

  20. i expected more from 2k when they first got the license thinking they was going to make some fun shit like smackdown shut your mouth i been disappointed since wwe 2k19 that was the best 2k game so far

  21. This is how all the 2k games have been, not sure why we’re surprised anymore? Every game since 2k15-2k19 was a slight upgrade with different stuff added. It’s been the same for nine years my friends same with the SVR games until 2008.
    I’m not trying to call you stupid or anything I’m just saying for the last twenty years sport games don’t get extreme upgrades like the old days and when they do it sticks.

  22. Wrong think again bud if wwe2k23 was the same as wwe2k22 wwe2k22 would had wargames lol

  23. They gave us new nxt superstar and shit like that no one should be talking shit about the game only if it lags online or some shit I wanna seea good wwe game yes and these wwe games are the same games as svr series except its not ThQ OR YUKES

  24. And John cena showcase would be better than triple h so 🤷

  25. im cool with it being the same Im just glad custom entrances is back but they should add create a story and bring back promos to universe mode oh and for Gods sake make it more optimized to prevent crashing

  26. Yeah and I bet this game will crash all the time like 2k22 did

  27. I’m telling u universe mode was trash no promo rival is buggy I couldn’t rival Seth Rollins and triple H in wrestlemania I was mad ASFK and it made it boring when u got wrestling empire better than this game and it’s phone game I’m

  28. The only reason why I would ever play wwe is to make an ugly ass character for funnies

  29. I just want custom entrances back man idc about my faction or really war games I WANT CUSTOM ENTRANCES why is that so damn hard man

  30. Also I really don’t care about showcase can we get yukes and thq to make the next wrestling game 2K is shiting on wwe games they don’t care about the players just your pockets

  31. You’re only doing this for views which is just sad at this point

  32. 2k put all there energy in the basketball game

  33. Facts bro 2k is lazy i'll take Aew Fight Forever anyday even if i have to wait until it releases that game will have Owen Hart in it 2k will never have owen hart in their games

  34. IF they really improved universe mode.. they’d promote it.

    IF they really added other matches.. they’d promote it.

    They practically didn’t do much… and it seems as if they need to stop being money hungry fucks and stop making games yearly if they aren’t going to improve much. I GAVE them a pass from 2k20 to 2k22.. cause it was supposedly “built from the ground up” 2k dickriders need to stop giving these folks excuses. Fr.

  35. I was waiting for Universe Improvements doesn’t seem like they made any Ill wait till it’s on sale.

  36. This the realest video I've seen so far about 2k23

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