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WWE 2K23: War Games Details, Advanced Entrances, Female Referee, Universe & More (WWE 2K23 News)

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This video features a roundup and catchup of WWE 2K23 news, including some nice little details that you might have missed.

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  1. I know it might not be in this year’s game but I wish after you get dq from a match, you can still beat up your opponent and after your theme music plays instead of the victor’s.

  2. I hope they've added double champion entrances back

  3. the thing that pc version is going to be like last gen is fake, 2k22 pc was new gen version, instead of that it`s true that both versions looks the same

  4. They should have option to have a wrestler as refree that would be way better than female refree😅

  5. They need to get rid of the arcade style of gameplay. 2k19 hit it right on the head with the realism of gameplay.

  6. The female ref looks ALOT like Tamina Snuka lol

  7. Day of reckoning 2 allowed you to bring tables and ladders in the hell in a cell. WWE 2k slipping

  8. 2k should mainly focus on the physics of the game. Be able to stack tables and ladders together, run on ladders and land on opponent, they should just simply copy svr11 gameplay

  9. I hope they bring back the zombie referee, as well as a new updated version of bump in the night

  10. Wait, War Games is exclusive to My GM or it's exclusive to the War Games Arena?

  11. I hope they up the custom superstar slots to 200 or at least 150.

  12. I hate the way they word things sometimes. If universe mode is fragile then just flipping fix it!! Revamp it! Have someone who’s actually a WWE fan help with the game!

  13. I really hope that wwe2k23 adds in more match types, more weapons to use in the game, adds in more superstars who weren't added to the game. I also hope that wwe2k23 adds some more special guests referees. Adds more championships & arena's.

  14. I wonder if the lady referee will have a different voice from the male referees

  15. It would be interesting if WWE could add gauntlet matches to the game. And I could imagine them putting in 40 man Royal Rumble for the game, I doubt it but that would make the game even more fun.

  16. I hope they added more interactable in the backstage area. The are is huge and looks great but you cant really do much. I wanna powerbomb someone on a car or throw them through a window. Hopefully we see something cool added.

  17. PC needs the new gen version because let's be honest for one minute here. If it wasn't for the pc community 2k22 would have already been forgotten.

  18. Give this a like if you happy for WWE2k23 coming out

  19. Wait a minute so if you play a men's match with a female referee and you accidentally attack the referee do you automatically get disqualified🤔

  20. I hope they change the ring mat sound effects to ones more louder and explosive. Same for strikes sounds. Knife edge chops should be more crazy and sound more louder.

  21. They updated cenas attire but now the led board is wrong

  22. Its taken so long for female refs. There's good female refs in the company.

  23. Cawa need to be better and gameplay bring back 2k19

  24. I not only hope that mid-card titles get added, but I also would like the ability to use different titles in GM mode, like I'd like to be able to use the World Heavyweight title (best championship btw) in place of the Universal title or WWE title.

  25. I'll still be using a man as the referee. Ain't using no woman to referee my matches. She might fast count on me

  26. Man i just wanted a my career style GM mode

  27. I hope they add the superstar name announcements when you select your match. Like it was in 2k17-18

  28. Not a fan of MyGM in 2K22. I wish we got something like GM mode in the old games. Don't like the fact that we have to start from a high school gym or whatever that is. It just looks ridiculous with the Smackdown or RAW logo.


  30. Im disappointed they didn’t do a survey for this year like last game

  31. So myrise is going to be like universe mode ?🤮

  32. What about created stable tag team finsherd

  33. John Cena showcase matches prediction :

    John Cena Vs Kurt Angle
    Arena : SmackDown '02

    John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar
    Arena : Backlash '03

    John Cena Vs RVD
    Arena : ECW One Night Stand '06

    John Cena Vs Triple H
    Arena : Night Of Champions '08

    John Cena Vs Batista
    Arena : SummerSlam '08

    John Cena Vs Randy Orton
    Arena : Hell In A Cell '09

    John Cena Vs CM Punk
    Arena : Money In The Bank '11

    John Cena Vs The Rock
    Arena : WrestleMania 28

    John Cena Vs Daniel Bryan
    Arena : SummerSlam '13

    John Cena Vs Brock Lesnar
    Arena : SummerSlam '14

    John Cena Vs Kevin Owens
    Arena : Elimination Chamber '15

    John Cena Vs AJ Styles
    Arena : SummerSlam '16

    John Cena Vs The Undertaker
    Arena : WrestleMania 34

    John Cena Vs Roman Reigns
    Arena : SummerSlam '21

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