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WWE 2K23: Women’s WarGames Match #WWE2K23

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Earlier this week I had the awesome opportunity to play a preview build of WWE 2K23 thanks to 2KUK with 10 Female Superstars to play with.

Check out our first ever Women’s WarGames Match.

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Superstars Included are:
– Asuka
– Bayley
– Becky Lynch
– Bianca Belair
– Charlotte Flair
– Liv Morgan
– Rhea Ripley
– Ronda Rousey
– Shayna Baszler
– Shotzi

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  1. I wish they had Smoke and Lights for the Wargames Cage Coming down like it is on TV they need to make a good that is just like television

  2. Did anyone notice we Finna have Emma in a Wwe game it’s been a while

  3. It looks like it's lagging a little like slow motion.

  4. Is pretty deadly going to be in the gane or?

  5. why does charlotte’s hair look different when she’s in a match compared to her entrance?

  6. this is an awesome video, thanks for the exclusive!

  7. Really disappointed that you can only have 6 people in the match. Also not a big fan of where the cages are placed.

  8. Why the moves and running are slow?, Weapon shots are needs to improve

  9. Liv looks terrible.. I’m really missing 2K19 gameplay

  10. Updated Moveset for Liv Let's goooo🔥🔥🔥

  11. The only thing they did to Bianca was update her skin tone, she probably had the most potential but it was wasted 😢. Everything else for her looks good.

  12. The right team who should have won at wargames BAYLEY 😂🗣️

  13. How come the women’s matches are always laggy looking but the male matches look completely fine

  14. Nobody is talking about this, but… where SAMANTHA IRVIN? She has an excellent voice, she also should be in the game as an announcer.

  15. Still a little sluggish movement for women… ugh

  16. Finally they added rhea’s clothesline & drop kick combo

  17. That new trio victory entrance was so awesome. Hope we get more.

  18. Do you know if Liv has a new version of ObLIVion involving the ropes? I'm soooo desperate to know!

  19. Bianca is wayy buffer than her model 😭

  20. That's nice and all but why was only the same women from the entrances shown?

  21. Does liv have oblivion as a finisher this year?

  22. I hated how they kept Livs hair the same idk if she Evan had that hair sence the last game came out

  23. Is this mode going to be available on Xbox one or just series s/x?

  24. I really wanna see Carmella’s entrance 😭😭😭

  25. If I’m remembering right shouldn’t that match have about 10 competitors or something

  26. 2hy does the sound just disappear when they let someone out of the cage?

  27. So this the Bayley after Sasha left so I have a feeling she not in it

  28. Do you only see the entrances for the 2 people that start the match?

  29. Why would they do that gear for Bianca when Becky’s name is on her ass

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