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WWE 2K24 MyRISE – I Competed in War Games!

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In the seventh episode of the WWE 2K24 MyRISE, Brandon Collins will compete in Survivor Series War Games against Cody Rhodes’ team!

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WWE 2K24 is a professional wrestling sports video game in development by Visual Concepts and to be published by 2K. It will mark the tenth installment under the WWE 2K name and the twenty-fourth entry in the series overall based on WWE and is the successor to WWE 2K23.


  1. 3 weeks later where's the next one? Can't just be making us wait like that!

  2. The fact none of these guys are talking about how unplayable the game is online shows that nobody on youtube makes honest content anymore

    Like bro we still have the same infinite glitches from two games ago lol

  3. I just finished my rise and the way you end the t is like you don’t want to end there and want to keep going because of how you end if you want to know tell me

  4. Surprised he didn’t pick Randy Orton

  5. When will you upload next episode plebe evry one is beging😢

  6. Is he ever completing this series?

  7. You know you can have the RKO god on your team for war games

  8. Well…. It's official, I've finished myrsise before Brandon did😅

  9. I can officially say that I beat MyRise before BDE😂

  10. So ray is small that means Brandon is also short

  11. If I see you your dead Don’t mess with Cody

  12. When are you Realising your character and what the hashtag Gina be

  13. When i played the ambulance match vs rey, it lasted over and hour.

  14. I picked steve austin for my wargames team and lost 😭

  15. What is the actual name for the new glory I’ve been trying to find it, but I can’t

  16. Bro why dom dom edit: oh thank god he did not put him on the team

  17. My team is stone cold Randy me and Finn

  18. Damn I really thought he would have picked Stone Cold he didn't look through his taxes or around for more war game members before picking

  19. What fighting style does he use? Technician, striker, powerhouse, or high flyer?

  20. Noone cares about sponsers bro

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