WWE Predictions: Survivor Series War Games 2022 | WrestleTalk - nzwargamer.net

WWE Predictions: Survivor Series War Games 2022 | WrestleTalk

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Who do you think will win at Survivor Series? Let us know in the comments!
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0:00 – Intro
1:03 – Women’s War Games Match
4:52 – AJ Styles vs Finn Balor
6:50 – Ronda Rousey vs Shotzi
7:52 – Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Theory
11:31 – Men’s War Games Match
WWE Predictions: Survivor Series War Games 2022 WrestleTalk
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  1. The 5th member of Team Bianca…. Charlotte Flair. Then at the Pay-, err, Premium Live Event, Charlotte "accidentally" costs her team the match, and turns on Bianca, and we get Bianca vs Charlotte at the Royal Rumble l.

  2. Wait… are these the predictions for the Jam that Jampionship? Where’s Luke?

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

  4. Alexa Bliss snaps and turns dark and joins Bray Wyatt again

  5. Team Bianca wins with Bianca pinning Bayley to end the feud

  6. KO making it to the match pretty much guarantees The Bloodline wins War Games. You can still do Shemus/Roman at the Rumble. KO goes off to heal, They turn on Sami in Montreal, guess who returns for the save…..

  7. I kind of hope that they stretch out AJ vs. Finn until WM. I guess since there isn't going to be a December PPV you can just have AJ and Finn facing off inside the Royal Rumble match then in February in the Elimination Chamber. Then have some sort of Last Man Standing/I Quit/whatever match at WrestleMania.

  8. i can't stand petes face, its beyond frustrating….please option a mask too pete.

  9. Because you hardly ever talk about NXT and it's on now I just saw Scrypts debut match. It's Reggie, ya know the guy who followed Carmella around and then was fake married to Dana Brooke on RAW. It was pretty obvious. They should just take the mask of from him though because it looks dumb.

  10. Seth will win with the interruption of grimes’s debut. The brute will win setting up one of the brute against the tribal chief at royal rumble .

  11. Sucks I work Sundays now but I'm excited AF for this one

  12. What if it's Becky and she turns on Bianca in the end with heels attacking the faces.

  13. Scrypts is the former Carmella wine guy? That is sad.

  14. The US Title these past years has been the "sorry, someone else needs to have the world title right now, have this!" title. Rey, Lashley, Rollins, Sheamaus, all seems like they were given the title as a consolation

  15. Tempest regaining his belt won't be a prediction it'll be a spoiler, according to Paul Heyman.

  16. I'm to see who the fifth member of the women's war games will be, Sasha or Becky

  17. Styles and Balor will extremely clash each other

  18. Seth will burn 🔥 it down on Saturday

  19. The baby faces war games will win because McIntyre, Sheamus, and Bianca did DoorDash commercial together. That's all folks, we'll see what happens.

  20. WrestleTalk needs to make a secondary title for their show. LOL!

  21. Crazy Swerve: Jey and Sami last 2 in their cage and Jey super licks Sami betraying him and Bloodline and Main Event Jey Returns!

  22. I be happy if it was Danhausen! That would be so much fun for me

  23. I have to say i have song the "all the wonderful things he does" after the three "becauseeee" 😀

  24. I predict a majority of wins for Smackdown. Maybe even a clean sweep

  25. Noooooooo 😢 Tempest I’m sorry for your loss bro smh you’ll get that championship back don’t worry lad

  26. No way the bloodline is losing if they lose Pete will go balder 💀💀💀

  27. Title loss character development for Tempest, please – preferrably the Liv Morgan kind 😆

    The men's WG match is the most potential-rich here, both for the match itself and the aftermath. I'm especially excited about the possibility of showing tensions within the face team, since most of them are kinda gunning for Roman (or will at some point soon.)

  28. Gunther doesn't have a match? Or is it pending the winner of the World Cup?

  29. What if Jey and Sami get into it and Roman walks out on the Bloodline??
    Protects Roman from being involved in the finish cause i dont see him being beaten up to the point where he cant save the match and puts more tension in the Bloodline?? 🤔

  30. Soooo no love reaction/watch along this weekend?

  31. After a good showing from AEW at Full Gear, I can't wait to see Survivor Series WarGames! Been ages since a Survivor Series show has made me excited, and boy howdy the card looks stacked! Even the non-WarGames matches look like a fun time, should be another fun night of wrestling

  32. My Prediction.
    Brawling Brutes with Honorary Brutes
    Austin Theory
    Finn Balor
    100% we know Ronda
    Team Bianca as to end the fued

  33. Matchcard for Survivor series 2022:
    Women's War Games Match
    Belair,Bliss,Asuka,Mia Yim,?(Becky)

    Finn Bálor 🔥Vs AJ Styles

    Ronda Rousey 🔥vs Shortzi
    SmackDown Women Championship

    Seth Rollins 🔥 Vs Bobby Lashley Vs Austin Theory
    United States Championship

    Bray Wyatt 🔥Vs LA Knight(possible)

    Braun Strowman 🔥 Vs Santos Escobar
    SmackDown WorldCup: Final(possible)

    Braun Strowman Vs Gunther 🔥
    Intercontinental championship (possible)

    Men Wargames Match
    The BloodLine (Reigns,Jimmy,Jey,Sikoa,Zayn)
    The Brawling Brutes(Sheamus, McIntyre,Holland,Butch,Owens)🔥

  34. How great is it to see a WWE PPV with the majority of results in doubt. Vince era you knew what 90% of the results were going to be before the events even started

  35. During the bloodline vs brutes and friends, have the usos and sikoa somehow break out of the ring and take the brutes to the back to leave Sami and Roman vs drew and KO in the final moments. Then have roman take down drew and then KO take down Roman, and then Sami and KO come face to face.
    KO tries to get Sami to get his act together only for sami to stunner KO and win them the match.

    After, roman can make Sami a real part of the family making him Sami uso.

    Drew gets mad at Owens for not getting the job done and then they can fued making drew a heel.

  36. Why are the lights off? You guys hungover?

  37. You guys forgot the prediction of The Miz vs. Dexter Loomis. Not that the winner isn't a foregone conclusion.

  38. surprised nobody predicting Bobby Lashley for the US title

  39. Pete Sucks!! Like seriously why is on this channel? At least he doesn’t have that creepy mustache anymore lol

  40. I don’t know why but I gut feeling there will be heel turn in the women’s war games Match

  41. The pay-per-view was okay for the most part, although I am disappointed with the treatment with Bayley, I hate seeing her on this losing streak WWE has her on I hope this changes soon.

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