WWE Survivor Series War Games 2022 LIVE REACTIONS! | WrestleTalk Podcast - nzwargamer.net

WWE Survivor Series War Games 2022 LIVE REACTIONS! | WrestleTalk Podcast

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WWE Survivor Series War Games 2022 LIVE REACTIONS! | WrestleTalk Podcast
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Chopper Pete & Tempest are here for Survivor Series War Games 2022 live reactions!

0:00 – Start
3:34 – Pre-show begins
58:11 – Main show begins
1:04:12 – Women’s War Games
2:01:58 – Balor v. AJ
2:33:24 – Ronda v. Shotzi
2:56:02 – US title match
3:25:48 – Men’s War Games
4:08:55 – Show ending and ultrachats

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  1. 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾

  2. In loving memory of Pete Quinnell
    He was like a father figure to me.

  3. What if the storyline next stage is solo going for a singles title and winning that and the bloodline start looking at Sami and his lack of gold until he then turn on Roman and win the undisputed WWE universal world champion

  4. 2022 is a crazy year for WWE. Now looking back to Day one how thing looked so much different

  5. Ahhh Tempest saying he was gonna miss Pete at the end almost had me Crying. No hard feelings Pete! ❤ Great show glad I was here for it.

  6. Great show IMO good women wargames match(RIP Damage CTRL at this point),great Styles vs Balor match and great triple treat match and that angle at the end was great.
    The only bad thing was Rousey vs Shotzi but that was to be expected.I am excited about the direction of the Bloodline stuff😀🙂

  7. I think Sami turns on the bloodline rather then the opposite.

  8. I really enjoyed the AJ v. Finn a lot, low key this whole card was good

  9. I feel like the Bloodline in the Royal Rumble will be the big turning point in this story. Sami and Jey being in the final 4

  10. Maybe they should like have the entire bloodline have Sami's back and then when Sami like make mistake and roman is starting to kick him out, the usos and solo standing up to him and then that made roman sees Sami as a threat that he is gonna get his family to his side and chose sami over him and betrays sami

  11. Can't believe Pete let his contract run out. We wish him well on his future endeavors.

  12. Very glad to be a part of Pete's last day on this fantastic Banana Day!

  13. I wanna know y i was put in timeout? I didn’t disrespect no one

  14. The worst thing to do now is for Sami to turn on the Bloodline. If the Bloodline turn on Sami Zayn, he will be the biggest babyface in wrestling since Daniel Bryan in 2013-2014 if not Mick Foley in 1998-1999. If Sami turns on the Bloodline, it would blow the chance to make him one of the most sympathetic babyfaces in WWE history. The Sami Zayn-Bloodline story has been the most invested I’ve been since the Shield splitting up. And Roman turning on Sami would be as powerful as Seth hitting Roman with a chair. And it would be poetic irony with the betrayed becoming the betrayer and a nice way to recover from the terrible turn that the Ambrose-Rollins feud took. What a blown opportunity for amazing storytelling that was.

    Anyway, I hope we get Sami vs Owens at Wrestlemania this year and the Bloodline plays up the fact that KO stabbed Sami in the back to take the NXT title to manipulate him further. Let’s not forget KO betrayed Sami first.

  15. were gonna miss you pete on the Saturday podcasts

  16. The split is going to happen at elimination chamber in MONTREAL!!!

  17. The split is going to happen at elimination chamber in MONTREAL!!!

  18. Nobody reacted this hard on Jey hugging Sami like these two. Loved it.

  19. Pete leaving for Wrestling with Wregret was a massive swerve. RIP Pete.

  20. "Why do I wanna cry because of this?!" asked Pete.

    Because it's good booking Pete. Good booking based on characters motivations, personalities, consistent with their interactions so far. IN WWE . Because just 6 months ago, this would have never happened.

  21. Babyfaces need to be the ones bringing out the table and not the heels anymore.

  22. Pete leaving WrestleTalk is the new Happy Birthday Pete.

  23. LiW is my favourite combo in wrestletalk, I’ll miss seeing Pete and tempest working together

  24. No joke. I relate to Pete's reactions to why do I wanna cry. I felt the same reaction to it.

  25. I don't even watch WWE, but following the Bloodline / Sami story vicariously through Wrestletalk is great fun. Thanks for your enthusiasm, gentlemen!

  26. Beyblades aren’t coming back, it’s a continuation of a series that started around 2018

  27. Tempest calling this with Bad Banana Mouth on Pete's Last Day. And on his BIRTHDAY no less!

  28. We would have never got that ending to the men's War Games match, if WWE was still run by Vince McMahon.

  29. Trying to reach 1k subs with 1 video.. says:

    Can someone put the timestamp of Drew McIntyre saying he's feeling ucey..

  30. Tempest needs to find his bananas elsewhere. Mine last for over a week. Banana day should not be a thing.

  31. Bring back Sasha Bank give her a new story line lies,cheat and steal

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