WWE Survivor Series War Games 2022 PREDICTIONS! | WrestleTalk Podcast - nzwargamer.net

WWE Survivor Series War Games 2022 PREDICTIONS! | WrestleTalk Podcast

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WWE Survivor Series War Games 2022 PREDICTIONS! | WrestleTalk Podcast

Chopper Pete & Tempest give their predictions for Survivor Series War Games 2022!

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  1. That sound effect is very annoying in the audio only version

  2. Hello Mr. Chopper, man with the mask you look wonderful today, I wish you were a chocolate cherry so i could let you melt in my mouth.

    Tempest mask > Scrypts mask

  4. Damn it! I literally just watched the edited version-_- not liking the way these are uploaded. Atleast put it out on the same day boys! Lol

  5. Can’t wait for Survivor Series, I’m gonna Watch As I Come

  6. My pics for who the mystery partner for the women's war game could be Candice, Raquel or a returning Becky, Naomi, Sasha Banks, Tegan Knox

  7. Did you guys reuplode this video but little longer

  8. I wouldn't mind the predictions videos being posted in both full and edited-down versions, but when there's only a few minutes difference, it feels odd.

  9. I want to see a stereo Brogue Kick + Claymore combo between two rings on some poor soul

  10. Tempest you can carry around the Lily doll, she needs a buddy 😅

  11. Random side note, it always gets a chuckle out of me whenever Pete does a dramatic stare directly into the camera whenever his podcast partner says something sus or questionable. Love to see it

  12. Suppose it depends on ticket sales and network numbers but I think it makes much more sense to have the Babyfaces announce Candice as the 5th member as she has War Games experience. You then have Ripley pin Bianca, cage goes up, Bailey annoyed she hasnt had her moment starts wailing on Bianca, and thats when you have the Becky return

  13. What if KO is the first person to pin Roman in however long

  14. Sami gets pinned or taps out because Jey doesn’t break it up and could have, or vice versa. But that’s just my thought. If it’s KO pinning Jey, could be even juicier.

  15. i guess Oli is not gonna be doing live reactions anymore

  16. Yeah the double posted predictions isn’t working for you guys, 🛑 really I mean it, stop😂

  17. Wow did Tempest the fake Canadian, just thow the Montreal Canadiens under the bus??? Makes perfect sence since he supports the Toronto Maple Leafs, a team that has not won the Stanley Cup since 1967, and has not got past the 1st round of the playoffs in the last 20 years, Yet accourding to all those Toronto Sports Media people, Stated at the begining of the year that the Leafs are Favored to win the Cup this year……..Why, their team is actually worse this year over last year. The likelyhood that they can not get past the first round is extyreamly high,

  18. Becky is the surprise entrant.
    During war games Bianca hits her finisher on Bailey, then Becky turns on Bianca, hits the Manhandle Slam. Bailey gets the pin on Bianca.

  19. Sami hesitating to hit K.O with the helluva kick like he did in Battleground years ago would be a neat piece of storytelling they can add to the match

  20. 5th member is Charlotte or Banks. Babyfaces win and the 5th person turns on Belair? Not based on anything other than Charlotte should be back by now….right?
    1) Team Belair
    2) Balor
    3) Ronda
    4) Rollins (Even though I want to root for Theory now)
    5) Team KO

  21. Hear me out tegan returns history in war games history with dokata and reha in war games. Alexa turns tegan and auska make a team and u get 2 weeks of tegan vs dokata in some form and 2 weeks of auska vs io to bulid for a title match a royal rumble

  22. I dont think Seth loses here why u give seth the win bulid him up and have a finn vs. Seth bulid at royal rumble hints the tease and match they had on raw and there will prolly be a stipulation but that would be a huge match

  23. Im sorry but seth vs cody in a us title match aboust banger have cody win bring back the WCW us title 😋

  24. I seen in another prediction video, kinda not sure why charlotte would join the faces, but I do like idea off it might trigger alexa back to the darker side since brey back. That might cause alexa to snap back and turn on her follow team mates.

  25. This might be backward booking, but I want The Brawling Brutes to have the man advantage. Sami somehow costs the Usos the win in the advantage match on Smackdown and is forced to start for The Bloodline. Just let him play a babyface in peril while Roman coldly watches. You could even have it where Roman stops Jey from rushing in at his appointed time, instead having both of the Usos enter together. This would also mean that Roman enters last, which fits him perfectly. Sami could either be kicked out of the Bloodline for performing poorly or continue to maintain his spot. It just sounds very fun to me.

  26. So, if Tempest isn't the Jampion, why is he in this video?

  27. Last I heard, Roman wasn't going to be at Elimination Chamber.

    Also, Pete is excited for any possibility? So, Jimmy beats Ridge Holland.

  28. The secret entrant in the Women's War Games match should be Beth Phoenix

  29. Story line:
    Bloodline losses their raw tag team championship against brawling brutes at royal rumble ….. distraction mistake by Sami zyn , then bloodline takes revenge on Sami zyn ….then Sami reunite with Kevin ownens at WrestleMania

  30. owens zayn wrestlemania loyalty match

  31. the bloodline captures owens during war games jey says 'get him' zayn hesitates

  32. WWE Survivor Series 2022 Predictions:

    Team Bloodline

    Finn Balor

    Seth Rollins

    Ronda Rousey

    Team Bianca Belair

  33. Because. Because, because because because!!!!….. Because of the wonderful things sami will have done.

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