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WWE Survivor Series: WAR GAMES 2022! [WWE 2K22 Simulation Stream]

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WWE Survivor Series WAR GAMES is here, in the most accurate way possible!


00:00:00 – Intro with Adam, Johnny, Htial, and Duel
00:01:27 – Men’s War Games Match: The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, Solo Sikoa, & Sami Zayn) vs. Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, & The Brawlin’ Brutes (Sheamus, Butch, & Ridge Holland)
00:15:29 – AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor
00:23:26 – WWE Smackdown Women’s Title: Ronda Rousey vs. Shotzi Blackheart
00:32:50 – WWE United States Title: Seth Rollins vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory
00:48:45 – Women’s War Games Match: Rhea Ripley, Nikki Cross, & Damage CTRL (Bayley, Dakota Kai, & Iyo Sky) vs. Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Mia Yim and ???



  1. nL: “WWE 2K22’s Character community creator is garbage and the game has no War Games mode.”2K23: “I can fix one of those problems for you…”

  2. I forgot about the accidental term "bitch" during that whole thing

  3. I love that the MDickie game kept the Cody Rhodes surprise return gimmick alive hehe

  4. I am glad that they're still playing wrestling empire. This and WR3D were awesome.

  5. It has been a stressful day at work for me and I miss the live stream so thank you so much for the upload bois, I can now relax and watch this cluster of a mess that is your awesome sim.

  6. Not even 10 minutes in and the War Games match has more twists than a M. Night Shamylan movie.

  7. I was thinking of wargame in wr3d and they did it

  8. Since you don't acknowledge me Kevin I'll leave

  9. Kevin owens infiltrating and breaking up the bloodline 😂
    And we all thought it was gonna be Sami

    Edit: I shouldn't have commented so early, this is hysterical

  10. I will not take any of this abuse I'll leave


  12. Loved this stream I made it just before that first match

  13. Mia yim disappeared and someone named htial stole your girl subscribed 16:02

  14. Damn Ronda had her hand on the rope. Lmfao. Also Finn squashed AJ.

  15. Kevin Owens just joined the bloodline 😂😂😂

  16. I'm disappointed that the final member for Bianca's team wasn't Cody

  17. Thanks for the shoutout, guys! Glad I could help c:

  18. This is one of those sims you know that you expecting but end up unexpected results.

  19. Hey I just wanted to say my sister randomly told me how she imagines all of you boyz.

    According to her:
    Johnny probably has blond hair & he definitely poops in people's tubs

    Slip "looks like an Asian potato" (She refused to elaborate any further)

    Jericho is slowly becoming the actual Chris Jericho

    Duel sits in a wheelchair, not because he needs it, but because he likes how comfortable it is

    Htial looks just like Tajiri himself & as Canadian legend has it, he poison mists Bret Hart's front door once a year

    Dino is actually a dog who's learned how to talk & has spent his extra time of "dog years" mastering his impressions

    Sprite smells just like Sprite & likes to drink lemon water

    Adam may be secretly psychotic & should be locked up (She said it was a joke btw)

    Blake is actually a wizard who uses forbidden magic to shrink himself down to normal sizes

    LT is some kind of undiscovered species of elf

    Sorry for all of this nonsense, but my sister insisted I should leave this as a comment for y'all to enjoy

  20. Rousey "kicking out" like at wrestlemania, but grabbing the rope ha

  21. When the WR3D loading screen appeared, I almost screamed out of happiness. Most batshit crazy game along with 2D and Empire.

  22. Yoo bastards this is 22 2k haha ha lol.even 1990 games has good graphics than this shit

  23. I'm really happy the boys got to see the animation of the referee missing the rope break in the Ronda/Shotzi match.

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