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WWE Survivor Series WarGames What Went Down

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We discuss everything that happened at Survivor Series WarGames…

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  1. If win sami win the rumble.. This would be mega blast than the daniel brayen story

  2. The problem is Ronda isn't a tesm player which is a problem when your a wrestler. Her style is over complicated and boring.

  3. I still feel that the Bloodline will betray Sami Zayn as punishment for betraying his best friend.

  4. I absolutely loved the triple threat for US title and that ending of main event

  5. The womens war games match was cool, the rest was meh…the valor vs styles match came 5 years too late, at this point styles is washed…main event ended with a wasted storyline, wwe could have set themselves up for engaging stories moving forward but they didn’t

  6. I wonder What Vince McMahon is doing..I wonder if he still has some type of role in The WWE..I feel like he probably does some Consulting I’m sure..I’m sure he lets HHH and Stephanie and Khan still run it but maybe Consults them and give tips..But I wonder sometimes what he doing cause he was 100% in control and now he not..I wonder if he gonna show up for The RAW anniversary?…

    Biggz Was Here. Peace.

  7. Sami needs a shirt that says "Full Blown UCE"

  8. You need to get mics on both of y'all, cuz I can barely hear Hamflett

  9. I can still see Roman snapping on Sami due to him ever even listening to what KO had to say… I mean, it could literally be next week, and I would eat it up. It's very in character as well, whenever Sami sort of reaches that high, something just causes it to come crashing down. It happened when he won the NXT championship with KO destroying Zayn all those years ago, and I have this image really of the same, exact thing happening yet again, but with the Bloodline this time. Regardless of when it happens, it just feels like fire

  10. Wargames was a good pay per view event , Bloodline winning and Sammy finally getting his approval from the group, that was a cool moment something will happen down the road I am very interested to see where this goes lol.

  11. Did anybody peep those Finn Balor Jordan 1s tho? Judgment Day colorway with Finn’s logo on the heel 🔥🔥🔥

  12. 'That's why the old timers have lost credibility' then agrees with what the old timers bang on about. Fucking hell lad.'

  13. I thought the PLE was good but I’ll be honest, it didn’t feel like one of the big fours! The matches were great but it didn’t have that same big four feel what all the others have had this year, wish their was a return, an appearance, just something to make it not feel like just another PLE!

  14. Wait a minute. You guys at wrestle talk complain when women's matches go under two minutes. Now you're complaining it went seven minutes. Saying it should've gone under two minutes. Make up your minds.

  15. Can’t tell you what it was but something during the main event had me convinced Solo was gonna turn on the bloodline.

  16. Omg if Sami gets a tattoo that be epic

  17. Alexa just wasn’t good in the match that’s it , it’s not a tease she sucks that’s it 🤣🤣

  18. The ko Sammy storie line is the same as when omega was in bullet club and protected his long time tag team partner in the the golden lovers I'm pretty sure it was when styles ran bullet club with OG but I still love it as ko and Sammy are great together

  19. jey uso must be so relieved he no longer need to contain his laughter around sami lol

  20. So was reading some comics and this just hit me. It's probably never going to happen but we can make Roman look so much more badass if we had him enlist another member of the bloodline but they're not a member of the bloodline kind of thing. Think about when Thanos enslaved Ghostrider and Hulk as his pets, imagine Roman having Brock Lesnar as a roadblock to anyone wanting to challenge him. It'll instantly make him look end of world boss level, and instantly elevate anyone able to get past Brock….but it will lessen the value of Brock a but….but hey just fantasizing

  21. For the Ronda & Shotzi match, I just don't think Ronda can handle calling a match yet. Shotzi can't yet either & I saw that as more of an issue than a lack of chemistry. You clearly saw Ronda talking to Shotzi, but it was clear miscommunication.

  22. I didn't think it was that good, only spot that got a pop out of me was the very end but the rest was kinda boring. I really wanted to be excited and I just wasn't.

  23. I’m not gon lie……I can’t focus with the Mustace it’s giving me Rhys from Borderlands 3 🤣🤣🤣 but other than that what happened on War Games again?

  24. Did anyone not know Theory would win? This was sooo predictable. Triple H has NOT rebuilt Theory. He tanked him in the first place with a nonsensical cash-in and this all feels like buyers remorse to push him.

  25. I was in attendance for the show.

    It was wild!!!

  26. Best Survivor Series in quite some time. Almost every match was good and a couple were great. The United States triple threat was a surprisingly good match.

  27. Sami's eyes & him looking physically emotional with the quivering lips & all of it was what masterful & an awesome topic that Stone Cold discussed on the Broken Skull sessions with Sami in his past about how to tell the story.

  28. 🤣 My wifes entire WWE experience consists of me telling her all about what has happened on the last show. Usually met with an eye roll. But when she watched Jey hug Sami, she legit "oh shit" followed buy a genuine smile. Powerful stuff.

  29. I clapped out loud during the Men's match with the Sami Zayn incident. Thats the first time I did that in years for WWE storytelling. Excellent!

  30. My opinion is when someone comes out of the cage, get a weapon and then go in the cage , someone else comes out the cage get a weapon and then go in, When they sit there for 3 mins grabbing ladders and trashcans they wont use its annoying,

  31. This is why people need to get the undisputed era more credit, every single on of their war games matches were better then the ones last night by a mile, but the bloodline storyliune is so good it might be one of my favorites

  32. The camera angles weren’t on WWE’s side yesterday 🤣 . During the woman’s matches i can literally hear & SEE them calling their next moves out to their opponents

  33. I’m just really glad they didn’t decide to pull the trigger …that was a good ending

  34. I think Roman and Jimmy took the bait 🤔 Sami is gonna turn and make his move soon

  35. I just don’t find the brawling brutes to be main event material at all. Sorry butch, but that dude is so boring

  36. omg that undertaker button down shirt is amazing i need it it now

  37. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&AliceSys30Fan says:

    So Asuka uses the sleepy Mist then which is blue. Neat.

  38. I think Rhea will feud with Becky first. Both Becky and Rhea have missed out on action so I would rather that they not be immediately thrust into the title scene just yet.

  39. Now this is how you set up the next story for bloodline to lead into wrestlemania.
    Roman is forced to put the titles on the line in the royal rumble.
    Roman is #30, with Solo being 1 l, Usos being 10 and 15, and Sami being 20.
    We’re down to entry 29 with the bloodline waiting on the 29th entrant who is the Rock. They all get happy but he throws everyone except for Zane who hides.
    Roman comes out confronts Rock and they knock each other over the ropes. By default Sami is the champ.
    Rock fights Roman at Mania. And before wreslmania zany loses at least one title to KO

  40. Lol @ Kevin Owens. I love KO, but come on Kevin, as many times as you screwed over Sami, I don't care about all that best man at weddings and shib… Dude Jey or the blood line never turned on Sami, and you expect him to take "your advice" lmao. Yea ok dude

  41. Sami Uso is the best thing in wrestling now.

  42. Reigns vs Owens for the rumble with Zayn as special guest referee

  43. Instead of 'the match officially starts when all 10 werestlers are in the ring' could they not tweak it and instead say 'no pinfalls or submissions until all 10 wrestlrs are in the ring'. I know it is the same, but it feels like we are being told nothing matters before the bell rings, even though it does, cause the wrestlers have to run this gauntlet of entries and might be 'injured' or tired out.

  44. Ima little disappointed when (the mens' wargames) split off, 5v5, thats the Brawling Brutes(extended) did not moon the bloodline like in Braveheart 🤣

  45. They are doing such a good job that I hate the idea of the bloodline turning on Sammy or vice versa. But I cannot get enough of this.

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