you cant miss this, seriously / medieval combat -

you cant miss this, seriously / medieval combat

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Something you will never see, the police take on our local group of medieval reenactment lot and smash us, we did another one were we thrashed them but i need to find it

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  1. Lol this community is called historia normannis. There are several groups across britain and we pride ourselves in accurately depicting combat from the time of the normans. However as you can see, sometime we do sillier things for a bit of fun. 😂❤

  2. Guts and blackpowder medieval mode but its april fools so the zombies are police:

  3. i mean i dont wanna get political or anything…..

  4. me and the boys when police is kicking us out of squatted property (we stopped paying our landlord)

  5. Australian prime minister, defence government and Anthony Albanese have left the chat:

  6. That’s rubbish. The police can lock their shields.

  7. In the U.S the police would have just emptied there weapons on them

  8. 😅😅😅 so kind of them not to attack the cops at all… and totally worth getting fired and locked up 🤣🤣🤣

  9. The officers seem to be enjoying the activity

  10. Dude at the end just did the Kira laugh😂😂😂

  11. I know it’s fun an all… but poked with a baton… or stabbed with a sword?

  12. Modern shield have 2 grips. But the guyz on the right had deadlier weapons.

  13. this is why we don't break formation lol

  14. bro single handedly took down the wall

  15. If they were true medieval (that is imposible nowdays) they probabilly thrown up police down

  16. Подлинные европейцы пытаются вернуть своё величие и независимость от либеральных идеологий Америки. Видео в цвете:

  17. Why not use a taser or use firearm in this situation?

  18. We all saw the second the line broke 😂

  19. "Hes breaking in!!" "Hes breaking in!!!!!"

  20. Ну как всегда – справились со студентиками))

  21. Wait what they are playful to the cop that was I'm expecting

  22. That officer in the right use the flanking un spanking

  23. They did the sheild wall wrong they had to chain their sheilds together

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