You Won’t Believe My First Season 7 Card! WARGAMES GAMEPLAY!! | WWE SuperCard S7 -

You Won’t Believe My First Season 7 Card! WARGAMES GAMEPLAY!! | WWE SuperCard S7

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Welcome to Season 7! In my first video for the new season..

– My Bio-Mechanical Freebie?!
– WarGames Gameplay?!
– Thanksgiving Event?!

It’s all happening folks!

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  1. I got my first season 7 card from the season 7 shuffle pack I got a Bio Mechanical Tyler Breeze!

  2. i got the summerslam 20 fusion card but it wont let me put it into the bio mechanical fusion it doesnt even show up there!!!

  3. One thing that sucks about s7 is the draft board only aloud 50 picks

  4. I pulled the same card! what a disappointment.

  5. I got a swarm montez ford from a momentous men pack

  6. When I got the s7 pack I was like
    BEHEMOTH then it was a chair

  7. There is a new qr code released today for a cardback

  8. I got that same behemoth table from my intro pack lol

  9. So if theres no event card I guess no heroic upgrade lol

  10. since season 1, but I loose interest then come back!

  11. got behe elizabeth in the starte pack. awesome

  12. I started season one lol I used to think that primal were good
    Now I’m vanguard tier with a summer slam 20 Bailey and three royal rumbles in a day of playing the game for a day I’m back playing I hadn’t played for like 2 months Oh yeah speaking of liv Morgan I got a neon one

  13. My bio freebie was Alexa Bliss and ive been playing since season 2

  14. I got behemoth ladder, Angelo Dawkins as my Bio-Mech freebie and bought the Bio-Mech pair pack… flipping MVP!!! Hell Yeah m/

  15. I started in the first month of season 1 but kept going through diff accounts my current run is Captain Bnanz if you need a member I guess I’m available

  16. Season 2 player, first Bio-Mec was Fabian Aichner -_-

  17. Started playing Season 6. Got a Bio Paul Heyman support from the welcome pack. My Bio freebie was Kofi Kingston.

  18. Literally nothing more exciting then a new super card season

  19. Dude mine was stone cold! Stone cold! Stone cold

  20. I got a Bio-Mechanical Kay Lee Ray for my freebie. I started in Season 4.

  21. You are the Table, I am the Guitar, This is the Way lol. Great video JB. I got Mercedes Martinez as my freebie, opened a couple of Bio Pro packs from the Superstore and got MVP and Bayley. So stoked about this season so far. Now I want War Games

  22. Season 1 here an my first bio card was kelly lee rae

  23. I started in Season 4, in December 2017! So long ago, but not far off lol

  24. On my alt alt alt alt acount I got a bio mech finn bálor and an ss20 Bobby fish would help my main acount because it is only wm36 ++

  25. I got a bio mechanical William Regal support oof

  26. I have 2 accounts 1 st season 4 2 nd accounts season 5 . 2

  27. I started on my current account on Season 2, but my original account was season 1

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