You Won’t Believe My First Season 7 Card! WARGAMES GAMEPLAY!! | WWE SuperCard S7 -

You Won’t Believe My First Season 7 Card! WARGAMES GAMEPLAY!! | WWE SuperCard S7

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Welcome to Season 7! In my first video for the new season..

– My Bio-Mechanical Freebie?!
– WarGames Gameplay?!
– Thanksgiving Event?!

It’s all happening folks!

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  1. I started in the first month of season 1 but kept going through diff accounts my current run is Captain Bnanz if you need a member I guess I’m available

  2. Season 2 player, first Bio-Mec was Fabian Aichner -_-

  3. Started playing Season 6. Got a Bio Paul Heyman support from the welcome pack. My Bio freebie was Kofi Kingston.

  4. Literally nothing more exciting then a new super card season

  5. Dude mine was stone cold! Stone cold! Stone cold

  6. I got a Bio-Mechanical Kay Lee Ray for my freebie. I started in Season 4.

  7. You are the Table, I am the Guitar, This is the Way lol. Great video JB. I got Mercedes Martinez as my freebie, opened a couple of Bio Pro packs from the Superstore and got MVP and Bayley. So stoked about this season so far. Now I want War Games

  8. Season 1 here an my first bio card was kelly lee rae

  9. I started in Season 4, in December 2017! So long ago, but not far off lol

  10. On my alt alt alt alt acount I got a bio mech finn bálor and an ss20 Bobby fish would help my main acount because it is only wm36 ++

  11. I got a bio mechanical William Regal support oof

  12. I have 2 accounts 1 st season 4 2 nd accounts season 5 . 2

  13. I started on my current account on Season 2, but my original account was season 1

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