Your FIRST Total War Game Was: -

Your FIRST Total War Game Was:

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It really do be like that, you old geezers, you young and old Mr. Incredible meme, you.



  1. They released rome total war on mobile 🤷 honestly only mobile game worth spending money on 😂

  2. To this day, I cannot get this one Rome Total War Battle Song out of my head that would drum so hard… Never found the song though

  3. Rome Total War was my first. Out of move sir!

  4. Rome total war is the best for me! Such a great atmosphere! For Rome, for Caesar!

  5. Rome 1 was my first but my favorite will always be Empire!

  6. 0:14 anyone know what the title of this song is? I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere, but can’t remember the name…

  7. I am a single celled organism

  8. By this scale, I am the atoms floating around a star that will eventually coalesce into a planet.

    OG Shogun for me.

  9. I played the Shogun total war game just to watch the animations of my ninjas

  10. Original Shogun for me! Though to be fair I was playing it around 2007ish as that was one of the only games other than AoE and AoE2 as those were the only games we really had that could run on our 1998 PC. Then we got a Vista, it was trash, but it could play FATE (WT game, not the VN)

  11. Lmfaoooo where are my fellow Monkes who played the OG Rome Total War first 😂

  12. I was 8 years old when i begged my mom to get me rome total war. How time has flown, it was my first pc game ever. I spent so much time on that damn game

  13. Medieval 2 and Rome Remastered were sooooooo good.

  14. Boy in high school that got shogun 2 introduced to me by my awesome older brother! None of these new games made an impact on me like S2. I’m praying that with the release of to-be-announced Medieval 3, I’ll be playing something other than shogun and prob medieval 2

  15. For me it was Rome Total War 2 and Empire Total War

  16. I don't know what shocks me the most, that someone wasted their time making such a stupid video… Or that I wasted ny tine watching it all 💀

  17. I think I grew up with Chivalry 1 or 2 on a TV show where they simulated battles, in the UK around 2002-2006?

    But first proper one was at uni, Rome 2

  18. Man, rome 1 was my first and I'm only 24😂

  19. The only Total War game I played was Empire Total War. It was awesome and addicting. Especially with the DarthMod. Never even knew about the other games.

  20. My first was Napoleon… It was amazing….. U never forget your first

  21. Where are my fellow primordials at (Medieval Total War)?

  22. Ok, so apparently I'm still a monkey? 😑

  23. as a rome total war player i can indeed confirm that i am an ape

  24. Still have a copy of shogun on cd-rom back at my childhood home

  25. I was like 5 years old when I started playing computer games, my dad had Medieval total war and I remember that game to be the first one I played most and my first total war, then I hoped into Rome, later on Empire. I'm 22 now and currently playing Medieval 2, i'm mesmerized that even if the years have passed i still enjoy these games 🙂

  26. Every time I see one on these videos, I feel old as hell.

  27. What was the soundtrack when it showed Medieval 1? Sounded familiar

  28. My first total war was Empire. I remember being 9 years old, and I had NEVER seen a game quite like that ever in my life. Fell in love ever since. Drunken sailors UNITE

  29. I played Medieval 1 but I didn't understand it because I couldn't speak English lol Around Shogun 2 I picked the series up again though and loved it this time around.

  30. they say after Attila it only went downwards so I stopped buying newer games

  31. Total War: Rome, but I only started playing total war like 5 years ago

  32. Medieval 2 was and will always be the best for me

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