Your FIRST Total War Game Was: -

Your FIRST Total War Game Was:

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It really do be like that, you old geezers, you young and old Mr. Incredible meme, you.



  1. My first total game was Minecraft skywar when I were 7 years old. Ah yes, always has the special place in my heart

  2. Guess I'm dead cuz I got Total War Napoleon in 2022 and have no other total war game

  3. Medieval 2!
    man I really wish they release medieval 3

  4. I'm very close to death apparently 🤣🤣🤣

  5. I played Shogun Total War first, only because my Dad had it but none of the the newer games when I was a kid.

  6. Shogun 1 for me…I remember coming up with my own custom battles and playing out my own stories as a kid.

  7. Medieval total war 1 was my first game.
    Later the 2nd medieval total war and from there i jumped to Empire Total War and going on.
    I have to say at beginning I hated empire total war cuz they changed all too much, later i liked it, later i hated shogun 2 for the same reason, but i liked it later, etc…

  8. Ah, yes. Medieval Total War. My first taste of glory

  9. Man the first one I played was medieval 1 so long ago

  10. Rome Total War 1 slaps and nobody can deny it.

  11. Welp, according to this, I'm an antediluvian

  12. First time I feel old for having rome 2 as my first game.

  13. my first total war was tw: shogun 2… my first RTS was star wars galactic battlegrounds lol

  14. A 7 year old me had much fun figuring out how Medieval 1 works. I wish they’d return to their core.

  15. Bro I only got Total Warhammer 3 because it's warhammer I'm old as shit

  16. 4 sword saints steamrolling all of Japan. Well, unless somebody actually fielded guns.

    But those infiltration videos had my butt clenched every damn time.

  17. My first total war was medieval total war, y like to paint maps i need all europ has 1 color.

  18. Rome total war for me. so im a monky now then? neat

  19. The last good Total War game was Napoleon

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