Your FIRST Total War Game Was: -

Your FIRST Total War Game Was:

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It really do be like that, you old geezers, you young and old Mr. Incredible meme, you.



  1. Medieval: Total War was my first Total War game I played

  2. I remember being a kid and playing shogun 1 then medieval. I was hooked. Although I did lose interest after empire

  3. Men Rome Total War!
    The Battle in lan we did 2vs2! Amazing.
    Especially with Invasio Barbarorum the Battle were awesome!

  4. Medieval total war is what popped my total war franchise cherry back in the old dial up days.

  5. I played the shogun 2 demo for the longest time on my mum’s comouter before i finally manage to get enough birthday money to buy the full game 😂

  6. My first TW was THE first TW, obviusly I'm talking about Shogun! I still have the CD, yes CD people, it's just next to the club I used for dinosaurs…



  8. Empire for me, but I didn't really start playing until I got my hands on Warhammer 1 and 2.

  9. I know Empire is the worst, but it's also the best <3

    I also know this sentence doesn't make any sense, exactly like Empire.

  10. Me, 17 yrs old, started with Medieval 2 when i was 9, went over to Rome 2 and got stuck with Shogun 2 for 5 yrs:

    So that mean i get some fancy beard now yeh?

  11. Rome Total War – the greatest Total War game that ever was or ever will be.

  12. Played medieval 2 in middle school and was very confused when I saw “holy Roman Empire” and I assumed it was Italy at the time, only for the commander to speak in a German accent when I got into the actual battle.

  13. I still remember Shogun TW's demo from some games magazine, that I used to buy. It was something new, when RTS were dominating PC gaming. I forgot it was originally published by EA.

  14. Shögun for me. Had the best time of my life using skirmish battles and line up naginata munks and tons of archers and muskets to defend on bridges.

  15. total War Rome i played it first when i was like 7-9 years old

  16. Shogun 2 was my first. Rome 2 and Attila were already a thing but they were more expensive. Shogun 2 was on sale that summer in 2016 and it set a standard for me. Whenever I need my total war itch scratched it's the one I go back to regardless of all the new stuff in the newer titles. Something about it is so intricate that a veteran player can take great advantage of but simple enough in just the right ways where an absolute novice could have fun pretty quickly and with limited knowledge.

  17. I remember seeing the trailers for M2 on YouTube as a wee lad. I was blown the fuck away. It was amazing.

  18. Medieval 2 Total War was my 1st Total War game then Empire and Napoleon Total War. I fell in love with total war games they were my childhood including Age of Empires, Battle Realms and Red Alert.

  19. I bought Attila Rome II empire Napoleon shogun II and medieval II around 2016 but my first was empire. The satisfaction you get when you control every single region on all the continents. It took time but it was worth it

  20. Even though it's a spin off, my first and currently only total war was Spartan total warrior

  21. Rome Total war, main strategy – cheat for money and buying the whole countries…

  22. Accurate I am what ever the hell that blue thing is.
    Go mega swords man Kensai!

  23. Rome total war but I had no idea what I was doing so I quit, my first legitimate total war was 3 kingdoms

  24. Rome II, still my favourite total war game. The unit animations were so amazing for the time, also aged well for a 3d game

  25. Shogun II for me, cracked a 53 links mega/mediafire a whole day to warly morning to play at midnight, also on a low tier laptop lmaoo

  26. I CANNOT DO IT SIR! SIR, I CANNOT! Total War 1 <3

  27. I guess, tgat I am a literal monke

  28. Duuuude…. Shogun Total War was my first one and I'm not THAT old yet! sniff

  29. Rome: Total War was my first Total War game, because it provided so much more unit variety than what I got in Age of Empires I, and Celtic Kings: Nemesis of the Roman Empire. Barbarian Invasion to me felt like just a chess version of Age of Empires II, and that was continued by Medieval II: Total War, but minus the Asian civilizations.

  30. i guess i am monki as rome total war was my first

  31. My first total war game was shogun 2 then i played warhammer 1…

    Im 13 really hard to find people playing rts games that are not age 35

  32. Damn, I didn’t realize I was Homo Erectus

  33. … What will we do with a drunken sailor early in the morning!
    Empire was my first and by far is still in top of my favs. Its kind of ironic because the battles didnt work for me and I played like it for 50h or so. Later i somehow fixed it and discovered DarthMod

  34. As a tw guy started with medieval 1, I am waiting for medieval 3. And I know I am not alone

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